Saving My Skin

We all have some sort of skin problem we deal with. My good friend who lives by the desert in Las Vegas deals with extremely dry skin. When I travel to humid places like Florida, the humidity of the area expands my pores, and when spending time at home in the north east, the coldContinue reading “Saving My Skin”

Smooth Operator

We all have that one random cosmetic procedure that we are dying to try, but we put it off… either because it’s painful, too expensive, or simply too much work. For me, it has been laser hair removal. A professional hair removal service (on legs, for example) can cost an average of $500, and youContinue reading “Smooth Operator”

The Journey Continues

As some of you may have recalled, I recently came across Geneva Naturals and felt completely in love with their Advanced Vitamin C Serum as it has made significant changes to the dryness and sensitivity of my skin. After the results, I knew I needed more, so I recently got a hold of their Anti-AgingContinue reading “The Journey Continues”

I Freak Out

  I have spent most of my life hearing that you must start taking take of your skin at a young age. I thought this was some sort of “beauty industry gimmick” as I believed that I was young for a reason, and therefore, didn’t need to bother with my skin. As I reached myContinue reading “I Freak Out”