Major Nail-Over

New year, new saving strategies. I’m always at par with latest beauty trends, but since the economy doesn’t always scream “happy,” I had to figure out a few tricks so keep my budget on track. There’s nothing better than getting my nails done at the salon… I simply don’t have to worry about doing them!Continue reading “Major Nail-Over”

Kiss My ***

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you’re a single gal like myself, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the love posts, date ideas, and massive heart shaped chocolates on sale. I won’t lie to you! Valentine’s Day is (or used to be) my most hated day in the year, as it has been aContinue reading “Kiss My ***”

A Cup of Joe

I have a brief horror story to tell: I have always been very active with my hair processing since a very young age. My first hair color experimentation happened when I was in 5th grade – I got blue highlights. And as I grew older, I grew more conservative, and by the time I wasContinue reading “A Cup of Joe”