Stylish Under The Sun

Summer could easily be one of the most popular times of the year. With the multitude of activities to do and the amazing locations to visit under the warm weather, it’s almost hard to avoid the harsh sun rays. I decided to visit a few Caribbean locations for the first time, and although I wasContinue reading “Stylish Under The Sun”

Summer Heat

We are finally having consistently warm days in the north east! But with consistent beautiful days, also comes consistent heat. I obviously own an air conditioner, but the bill can be high, and my body temperature is confusing (I get cold very easily). Getting a fan for your room is always an added bonus atContinue reading “Summer Heat”

Summer Drinks

It’s literally summer and I’m so excited! In between pool parties, beach outings, and cookouts, I’ve been recollecting the best items to make my activities worth while. One of my top concerns was getting drinking cups that would make the “drinking” feasible. In the wildest parties, glass cups are a no-no; while plastic ones areContinue reading “Summer Drinks”

Smooth Operator

We all have that one random cosmetic procedure that we are dying to try, but we put it off… either because it’s painful, too expensive, or simply too much work. For me, it has been laser hair removal. A professional hair removal service (on legs, for example) can cost an average of $500, and youContinue reading “Smooth Operator”

It It Here Yet

It’s mid April… and here in the north east is still cold-ish and windy. Even so, I don’t lose hope and I’m gradually getting ready for summer and it’s multitude of activities. Whether it’s a family cookout, a marshmallow bonfire, camping, or football game, one of my concerns is finding a comfortable reclining chair. IContinue reading “It It Here Yet”

Travel Stuff

Lately, I have been giving myself a well deserved break by taking the time to travel out of the U.S. You guys have no idea how exciting this is! After spending many years working, studying, managing projects, working, working, working, and did I say working? I really needed a break. I just wasn’t able toContinue reading “Travel Stuff”

The Frost

Thanksgiving is in two days and it’s already freezing… and as the days pass by, I can only foresee how brutal this coming winter will be. As a child, I loved snow and all it’s perks, which included no school, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and playing around all day. As an adult, the role twisted,Continue reading “The Frost”

Saving My Time And My Wallet

We all have gadgets or electronics that we wish we could control remotely, with little or no success. As the weather is starting to cool down, I’m starting to think about the holidays, and my upcoming family shopping list. As I thought about this, I remembered my Christmas tree. There are a certain things IContinue reading “Saving My Time And My Wallet”

Comfort Days Part II

If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall my experience using Linyco reclinable folding chair, and how much I loved it. It turns out that everyone else at home loves it, so I went ahead and got myself a second one – but this time, without a leg rest. I went for a differentContinue reading “Comfort Days Part II”