Cooking Without Limits

I’ve never been the greatest cook… or at least I haven’t tried to. Cooking hasn’t been my greatest passion, either because I find it boring or I don’t have the patience to put the ingredients together (don’t get me wrong, I love eating the final results). After this entire quarantine situation, I’ve been trying toContinue reading “Cooking Without Limits”

A piece of himalaya with me 

Home decor is one of my favorite things. I pay special attention to every area of my home, with my bedroom being my favorite one (yes I love sleep!). There is nothing more relaxing than a subtle and tender light, especially when trying to fall asleep. I also love everything natural: from rocks, to salts,Continue reading “A piece of himalaya with me “

The Sound of a workout 

We all know the importance of an active workout for a healthy body and mind. We also know how much of a dread a workout can be, especially when you prefer to spend your afternoons sipping wine. One of my biggest struggles while working out is finding some sort of entertainment to make my workoutContinue reading “The Sound of a workout “

The Thirst

Okay, this is not your typical post, but I’m actually super excited for my brand new Brita Stream! Water filters are a must to avoid the junk (and disgusting chlorine taste) in water. After trying a few filters, I was annoyed with the slow filtering process, filter residue (rock/dust like stuff at the bottom ofContinue reading “The Thirst”