Killer Brows

For many, beauty isn’t a priority; however, most people try to keep a minimally polished look. Things such as perfect eyebrows can’t be forgotten, as they can enhance the shape of your face and even the depth of your eyes. I like doing my own eyebrows, so it’s been a long journey of experimenting, trial,Continue reading “Killer Brows”

Saving My Skin

We all have some sort of skin problem we deal with. My good friend who lives by the desert in Las Vegas deals with extremely dry skin. When I travel to humid places like Florida, the humidity of the area expands my pores, and when spending time at home in the north east, the coldContinue reading “Saving My Skin”

Brush It On

We all have our guilty pleasures… mine, without doubt is makeup and some fragrances. I find myself spending hundreds of dollars and all sort of cosmetic stuff. Throughout time, I’ve learned the importance of buying quality products for your routine, but I also learned the importance to budget and find affordable alternatives. One of myContinue reading “Brush It On”


As you guys may have read on my recent post, it wasn’t long ago when I started experimenting with silicone beauty blenders. Some I hated more than others for a multitude of reasons. My number one problem was that these blenders seemed to rub all the makeup around, instead of doing a nice and smoothContinue reading “Mud”

Beauty Tornado

Out of all the makeup application accessories in my bag, without doubt, my favorite piece is a beauty blender. I own a ton of these, and recently got a hold of a new set by Fairyland. It may sound odd, but there are a bunch of things I like about a beauty blender. I loveContinue reading “Beauty Tornado”

File Those Edges 

As you guys may have noticed, I’m all about finding effective beauty solutions at home. One of my favorite things to do at home is own my nails, as I believe that you don’t have to pay a ton of money for a manicure as long you invest on the right tools! I recently gotContinue reading “File Those Edges “

Paranoia To Its Finest

I love beauty and makeup: that is certainly no secret. I spend BIG every time I come across a Sephora store (and I honestly don’t regret it). I must also confess that I’m blessed with a number of assets, such as a flawless skin (bingo!). One of my greatly claimed tricks for flawless skin isContinue reading “Paranoia To Its Finest”

Golden Goddess

Sunny days like today’s gets me into a huge summer vibe. As the warmer days approach us, one of my biggest goals is to accomplish a natural golden glow – yes, I want to look like a golden piece of art. I have tried all methods possible to accomplish that perfect golden glow, but sadlyContinue reading “Golden Goddess”

Great Lengths

We all have our own personal beauty demands. As we browse through social media, many of us have a noticed an unlimited demand for the perfect contour. Others may also desire “eyebrows on fleek” or naturally plumped lips, while any others (including myself) are in the journey of finding the perfect mascara for long andContinue reading “Great Lengths”