Toss Your Trash

I have a HUGE pet peeve… and that is a dirty car. I can’t stand seeing trash, old papers, dust and sensing old sweat smells in a car. For that reason, I aim to keep my car as clean as possible. It may not be noticeable, but we spend a lot of time in ourContinue reading “Toss Your Trash”

An Optimized Chance

These are very uncertain times. We are dealing with racial injustice, social riots, contagious diseases, work insecurity and everything in between. Unemployment rates are at a all-time high, and with this, comes greater uncertainty and competition work open jobs. I’ve been impacted by all of this and it has been a very complicated process. I’veContinue reading “An Optimized Chance”

Summer Drinks

It’s literally summer and I’m so excited! In between pool parties, beach outings, and cookouts, I’ve been recollecting the best items to make my activities worth while. One of my top concerns was getting drinking cups that would make the “drinking” feasible. In the wildest parties, glass cups are a no-no; while plastic ones areContinue reading “Summer Drinks”

It It Here Yet

It’s mid April… and here in the north east is still cold-ish and windy. Even so, I don’t lose hope and I’m gradually getting ready for summer and it’s multitude of activities. Whether it’s a family cookout, a marshmallow bonfire, camping, or football game, one of my concerns is finding a comfortable reclining chair. IContinue reading “It It Here Yet”

The Roof Is On Fire… Or Not

As soon the market pops up with a new interesting concept, I’m the first one to buy it. Of course, don’t get me wrong, if this new concept won’t modify my life or add up to my routine in a meaningful way, I’m better off saving my money. One of my favorite things to shopContinue reading “The Roof Is On Fire… Or Not”

Don’t Panic

It’s 2018… I cannot stress enough how hectic of a lifestyle we all have. We are always on the go, we need our things immediately, and we need these to be effective (I could go on and on, but there’s a fine line between informative vs. cliche). I’m super health conscious (or at least IContinue reading “Don’t Panic”

Saving My Time And My Wallet

We all have gadgets or electronics that we wish we could control remotely, with little or no success. As the weather is starting to cool down, I’m starting to think about the holidays, and my upcoming family shopping list. As I thought about this, I remembered my Christmas tree. There are a certain things IContinue reading “Saving My Time And My Wallet”

Comfort Days Part II

If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall my experience using Linyco reclinable folding chair, and how much I loved it. It turns out that everyone else at home loves it, so I went ahead and got myself a second one – but this time, without a leg rest. I went for a differentContinue reading “Comfort Days Part II”

The Life Of The Party

Family gatherings are very important for me. As a result, I always seek fun ways to make them appealing, pretty, and welcoming for my family members. September is around the corner, and when we least expect it, so will the holidays, so I started figuring out decoration ideas for the upcoming parties. With the backContinue reading “The Life Of The Party”

Our favorite hammock 

I’ve been spoiling Dad quite a lot lately. Father’s Day wasn’t a long time ago, and his birthday is coming soon. So in between the holidays (like Independence Day) I decided to go around and get him a mini present. See, my dad is a hammock fanatic (as I call him). He’s spends quality timeContinue reading “Our favorite hammock “