Cooking Without Limits

I’ve never been the greatest cook… or at least I haven’t tried to. Cooking hasn’t been my greatest passion, either because I find it boring or I don’t have the patience to put the ingredients together (don’t get me wrong, I love eating the final results). After this entire quarantine situation, I’ve been trying toContinue reading “Cooking Without Limits”

Summer Drinks

It’s literally summer and I’m so excited! In between pool parties, beach outings, and cookouts, I’ve been recollecting the best items to make my activities worth while. One of my top concerns was getting drinking cups that would make the “drinking” feasible. In the wildest parties, glass cups are a no-no; while plastic ones areContinue reading “Summer Drinks”

No More Tap

Water consumption has always been a hot topic among health enthusiasm, self-aware people, and even politicians. Many countries, including Norway and France, spend a great deal to provide the highest quality water for their citizens, taking care of sanitation and the protection of the groundwater system. In the United States, the situation is a littleContinue reading “No More Tap”

Weighting my food 

Yes I’m guilty: I have tried every crash diet out there; from the most obnoxiously unhealthy ones, to others more reliable. As the years passed by, I have learned that it doesn’t matter how much your starve yourself, take pills, or overwork your body: you won’t have a healthy body and weight unless you doContinue reading “Weighting my food “

Grind Baby Grind

As we all know, gourmet salts and spices come in whole sizes. Meaning, that exquisite cooking involves some little extra processing along the way. I have a very hectic life/schedule; therefore, I have found myself trying to juggle cooking at home (to save money) while also trying to save time (time is money people!). IContinue reading “Grind Baby Grind”