Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I’m obsessed with jewelry (who isn’t, right?) And with my obsession comes an immense collection of rings, bracelets, and earrings. With prolonged wear these can get stained, and I always seek quick solutions to clean them, such as baking soda, ketchup, and even toothpaste. These were doing and okay job, but I still wanted something…

Treasure Hunt

I’ve been wearing anklet bracelets for as long I can remember. After trying so many styles, materials, and designs, there are a few things that aren’t easily bypassed: Can break with use. Can scratch the back of my foot when wearing tight shoes. The made/design can scratch my skin (weather I’m wearing shoes or not)….

Glam It Up

Jewelry… Who doesn’t love a fine piece? When it comes to jewelry, I buy it all. Even so, I still have a particular interest for specific pieces, including rings and earrings. When buying these, I focus on delicate pieces with a minimalistic design, as it allows me to mix and match without looking unfashionably tacky….