Baby Coming To Town

I’ve never been crazy about the baby talk… at least it hasn’t been a concern of mine. I thought about it many times, but I never had the immediate desire to procreate. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I decided that I wanted to have my first baby when I turn 41. AsContinue reading “Baby Coming To Town”

Our favorite hammock 

I’ve been spoiling Dad quite a lot lately. Father’s Day wasn’t a long time ago, and his birthday is coming soon. So in between the holidays (like Independence Day) I decided to go around and get him a mini present. See, my dad is a hammock fanatic (as I call him). He’s spends quality timeContinue reading “Our favorite hammock “

Perfect For him

  Father’s Day is not too far a away. When the time comes, one of my greatest challenges is finding a unique present for my father. Thankfully, I’m able to say that my father has EVERYTHING; however, this can be a little bit of a nightmare when I’m trying to find something worthy (or useful)Continue reading “Perfect For him”