Killer Brows

For many, beauty isn’t a priority; however, most people try to keep a minimally polished look. Things such as perfect eyebrows can’t be forgotten, as they can enhance the shape of your face and even the depth of your eyes. I like doing my own eyebrows, so it’s been a long journey of experimenting, trial,Continue reading “Killer Brows”

Stylish Under The Sun

Summer could easily be one of the most popular times of the year. With the multitude of activities to do and the amazing locations to visit under the warm weather, it’s almost hard to avoid the harsh sun rays. I decided to visit a few Caribbean locations for the first time, and although I wasContinue reading “Stylish Under The Sun”

A Fresh Start

Taking care of my facial skin has always been a challenge. Although I’m widely known for looking younger than my age, I still struggle with other things such as sensitivity and dryness. As I may have mentioned on previous blog posts, my skin is so sensitive that many products marketed for sensitive skin actually makeContinue reading “A Fresh Start”

Smooth Operator

We all have that one random cosmetic procedure that we are dying to try, but we put it off… either because it’s painful, too expensive, or simply too much work. For me, it has been laser hair removal. A professional hair removal service (on legs, for example) can cost an average of $500, and youContinue reading “Smooth Operator”

Major Nail-Over

New year, new saving strategies. I’m always at par with latest beauty trends, but since the economy doesn’t always scream “happy,” I had to figure out a few tricks so keep my budget on track. There’s nothing better than getting my nails done at the salon… I simply don’t have to worry about doing them!Continue reading “Major Nail-Over”

Hair Madness

This week I’m totally focusing on my hair. Although I’ve done a great job growing it long (with diet, vitamins, hair masks, less chemicals, etc.) I still struggle with a few things, such as frizz, dryness, and bleakness (you see the relationship here?). This week I invested in purchasing new styling tools to aid inContinue reading “Hair Madness”

It’s Fall And…

It’s officially the first day of fall and I’m beyond excited!! In between the warm apple teas, pre-thanksgiving pumpkin pie, and the increase in family reunions, my favorite thing is being able to redo my wardrobe for the coming cold months. So far, I’ve gotten a hold of some fall essentials, such as a lightContinue reading “It’s Fall And…”

The Life Of The Party

Family gatherings are very important for me. As a result, I always seek fun ways to make them appealing, pretty, and welcoming for my family members. September is around the corner, and when we least expect it, so will the holidays, so I started figuring out decoration ideas for the upcoming parties. With the backContinue reading “The Life Of The Party”

Simple Solutions

I have a HUGE purse, and when I say HUGE, I mean HUGE. The reasons for my purse overload are many, including the fact that there isn’t a worse feeling for me than to have a last minute occurrence and emergency while out of the house, and not being able to solve it. As aContinue reading “Simple Solutions”

My Salon At Home 

Let’s face it, most of us can’t go a week without straightening our hair. I have frizzy and wavy hair, so not straightening my hair means that I’ll go a day looking like I got caught in a very humid tornado. I have found some products to help my hair stay in ultimate shape. ButContinue reading “My Salon At Home “