An Optimized Chance

These are very uncertain times. We are dealing with racial injustice, social riots, contagious diseases, work insecurity and everything in between. Unemployment rates are at a all-time high, and with this, comes greater uncertainty and competition work open jobs. I’ve been impacted by all of this and it has been a very complicated process. I’veContinue reading “An Optimized Chance”

Feet Need Some Love Too

Life is a challenge – no doubt about that, but it can be even more challenging when we seek to fill the voids imposed by society. We live in a world where we have to be “super people.” By this, I mean that we have to be self-sufficient, strong, brilliant, and successful. This lifestyle putsContinue reading “Feet Need Some Love Too”

F to the R to the I to the zz’s

That spells FRIZZ. We all have our hair issues. Mine is dryness and frizz. I have tried a multitude of products, treatments, and approaches; and if you struggle with frizz and dryness like myself, you KNOW that at least 80% of these products don’t work as they promise. There is one product that is atContinue reading “F to the R to the I to the zz’s”

Saving my trunk 

When you have a big family, pets, or lots of junk, a van is certainly a part of your daily commute. Since I carry everything and anything in my trunk, it tends to get messy and it starts looking old. I knew that I needed a solution (something other than buying an entirely new car)Continue reading “Saving my trunk “

I Did an iOS Update Experiment, and This is What Happened…

I purchased my first iPhone after the release of the iPhone 4, and ever since, I’ve been hooked. There are many things that I love about the iPhone, including the nature of the iOS operative system, the feasibility of iOS apps such as Facetime and iMessage, and the diversity of the available apps. After multipleContinue reading “I Did an iOS Update Experiment, and This is What Happened…”

My Burger Nightmare

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. I may not be a vegan goddess; however, I’m mindful of the things I eat. I dissed cow milk for organic soy milk, I prefer to have a protein smoothie than to eat pancakes for breakfast, and I resource to stevia to sweeten my drinks.Continue reading “My Burger Nightmare”

Painful Toes

I have a mini confession to make: as many of you out there, I have super-duper dry skin. This dryness doesn’t only affect my hands, delicate face, and scalp, but also my feet, leaving them with cracked heels and hard bumps. I have tried multiple tactics to relieve the dry cracks on my feet, including:Continue reading “Painful Toes”

Acing The Job Interview

I promised myself that I would keep my blog fashion focused. See, I have been fashion obsessed since a very young age, and now that I have some free time, I thought it would be a great idea to share my fashion likes and thoughts. The “problem” is that not only am I a fashionContinue reading “Acing The Job Interview”