Killer Brows

For many, beauty isn’t a priority; however, most people try to keep a minimally polished look. Things such as perfect eyebrows can’t be forgotten, as they can enhance the shape of your face and even the depth of your eyes. I like doing my own eyebrows, so it’s been a long journey of experimenting, trial,Continue reading “Killer Brows”

A Fresh Start

Taking care of my facial skin has always been a challenge. Although I’m widely known for looking younger than my age, I still struggle with other things such as sensitivity and dryness. As I may have mentioned on previous blog posts, my skin is so sensitive that many products marketed for sensitive skin actually makeContinue reading “A Fresh Start”

Smooth Operator

We all have that one random cosmetic procedure that we are dying to try, but we put it off… either because it’s painful, too expensive, or simply too much work. For me, it has been laser hair removal. A professional hair removal service (on legs, for example) can cost an average of $500, and youContinue reading “Smooth Operator”

Saving My Eyes Part I… or II… or M

I’m back with another amazing eye solution! If you have been following my blog from its beginnings, you may recall a few posts where I shared my burdening experience with chronic dry eyes. After my last post on the topic, a lot has happened. For example, I used Xiidra for 6 months, experienced many sideContinue reading “Saving My Eyes Part I… or II… or M”

Fall Must-Haves

It’s the first day of October, and for the first time this fall, we had a nicely chilly day, which is bittersweet. With the changes in season also comes new beauty routines, and one of the things that is always affected by these changes is my hair. The colder weather makes my hair stay inContinue reading “Fall Must-Haves”

My Salon At Home 

Let’s face it, most of us can’t go a week without straightening our hair. I have frizzy and wavy hair, so not straightening my hair means that I’ll go a day looking like I got caught in a very humid tornado. I have found some products to help my hair stay in ultimate shape. ButContinue reading “My Salon At Home “

F to the R to the I to the zz’s

That spells FRIZZ. We all have our hair issues. Mine is dryness and frizz. I have tried a multitude of products, treatments, and approaches; and if you struggle with frizz and dryness like myself, you KNOW that at least 80% of these products don’t work as they promise. There is one product that is atContinue reading “F to the R to the I to the zz’s”


As you guys may have read on my recent post, it wasn’t long ago when I started experimenting with silicone beauty blenders. Some I hated more than others for a multitude of reasons. My number one problem was that these blenders seemed to rub all the makeup around, instead of doing a nice and smoothContinue reading “Mud”

My Mantra

I’m the queen of nail filers. Square shaped nails are my go-to style, and due to my fragile nails and overactive lifestyle, I find myself with broken edges almost every day. As a result, I carry a nail filer everywhere; I have one in every room at my home, my purse, and even at workContinue reading “My Mantra”

Paranoia To Its Finest

I love beauty and makeup: that is certainly no secret. I spend BIG every time I come across a Sephora store (and I honestly don’t regret it). I must also confess that I’m blessed with a number of assets, such as a flawless skin (bingo!). One of my greatly claimed tricks for flawless skin isContinue reading “Paranoia To Its Finest”