Stylish Under The Sun

Summer could easily be one of the most popular times of the year. With the multitude of activities to do and the amazing locations to visit under the warm weather, it’s almost hard to avoid the harsh sun rays.

I decided to visit a few Caribbean locations for the first time, and although I was diligent with my sunscreen, it is hard to avoid other harmful effects of the sun. That’s when I thought that after all, a sun hat wouldn’t be a bad idea for my sun-inspired journeys.

I was given the opportunity to try this beautiful sun hat by C.C Serenita, and I couldn’t say no.

The first thing that caught my attention is how stylish it looks! It’s definitely very chic. It comes with a variety of quotes and sayings (a total of 21). Some of my favorite ones say, “it’s wine o’clock,” “just chillin,” “privacy please” and “resting beach face.”

When I received my sample, I couldn’t help noticing how well made it is. Everything is perfectly aligned and there are no imperfections. The color is also very solid and the quotes and well sewed-in.

The hat actually fits very comfortable and I like that you can easily reshape it’s “floppyness” according to what better suits you. I reshaped mine few days before used and stored it in a safe spot.

I’m in love with this sun hat and I’m thankful for the opportunity to try it.

I think you should check it out!

I received this product in exchange for a review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

And I Keep Looking…

As you may recall, I’ve been on a serious search for quality makeup brushes at an affordable price.

Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t like high end brushes? But times are gradually more expensive (at least I’m finding it hard to survive…) so I can really use all the extra dimes I can get.

When looking for affordable alternatives, I pay attention to aspects such as design, sturdiness of the hairs, how well it can hold makeup, and how precise the application can be.

I purchased and tried a multitude of affordable brushes with the hopes to find an amazing alternative to the high end ones, with one of my top favorites being Maange 10 Piece Makeup set.

I like that the brushes are relatively small in size, meaning that these are a great to carry anywhere, especially if you travel a lot or you want an alternative set for work. At the same time, the size of the hairs are on point for a good application. The handles are made with a plastic material, making these very light weight. I like that the marble design looks stylish, and that the print doesn’t look pixelated like many cheap alternatives. One thing that I love about the brushes is that these hold a good amount of makeup/powder for a great application, but at the same time are very easy to clean thanks to the makeup brush cleaner that comes with the set. By the way, the makeup brush cleaner is the coolest thing I’ve tried! You don’t have to wet your brushes or go through an additional processes; just swipe your brushes in it and you’re good to go! The cleaner literally sucks all the makeup in and the brushes look brand new. Another cool addition is the makeup pouch. I love that it has plenty of space to store other makeup items apart from the brushes

Check it out!

Brush It On

We all have our guilty pleasures… mine, without doubt is makeup and some fragrances.

I find myself spending hundreds of dollars and all sort of cosmetic stuff. Throughout time, I’ve learned the importance of buying quality products for your routine, but I also learned the importance to budget and find affordable alternatives.

One of my budget cuts include makeup tools such as tweezers, sponges, and brushes. The thing with most cheaper alternatives (especially when it comes to makeup brushes) is that they get worn out easily and that the application isn’t rich and precise.

After all my makeup brushes fiascos, I came across Babi Bear 15 piece makeup set, and I can honestly say that I was more than pleasantly surprised with the quality of these.

The set comes with all the makeup brushes necessary for a flawless application, including:

  • Round brush
  • Fan brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Angled foundation brush
  • Contour brush
  • Blusher blush
  • Concealer blush
  • Precision concealer blush
  • Bronzing blush
  • Eyeshadow brush (2)
  • Blending brush
  • Flat angled eyebrow brush
  • Angled eyebrow brush
  • Lip brush

On top of these, the set also comes with an application sponge, water proof makeup bag, and makeup brush cleaners.

What I love about these brushes is how well they were made and how great the makeup application is. Each brush as a different sturdiness, which aligns with the type of application you’re looking for. At the same time, they are not stiff and feel great on the skin. I like that they aren’t super soft or too hash; instead, they have the right balance. These brushes also hold makeup very nicely, allowing for a higher pigmentation, but at the same time, are very easy to clean.

These are honestly the best budged-friendly makeup brushes I’ve used thus far, and I think you should check it out!

Summer Heat

We are finally having consistently warm days in the north east! But with consistent beautiful days, also comes consistent heat.

I obviously own an air conditioner, but the bill can be high, and my body temperature is confusing (I get cold very easily).

Getting a fan for your room is always an added bonus at it helps you with a multitude of cooling settings, as well as saving big bucks.

Luckily, we no longer have to deal with the boring old-school type of fans. Recently, I got a hold of Trustech table fan, and it has been the best thing ever!

I love that it is large enough to provide effective cooling, but it is not overwhelming and it’s easily moveable. The design allows you to use it on the table or on the floor whenever you need to.

It has 3 speeds settings and 3 breeze settings, which allows you to customize the cooling in a variety of ways. I also like that along these settings, it also has a rotating grill (which rotates the opposite way), allowing for faster and more efficient cooling.

The best thing is that it brings its own remote control, so I don’t have to get up if I don’t feel like it.

To save energy, I use my air conditioner for 2 hours at night (which cools the room), and then use my Trustech fan for the rest of the night, which keeps me very cool.

It’s overall and great find and I think you should check it out!

Shave The Fluff

We live in a society where beauty rituals and procedures are part of our everyday routine.

For better or for worse, we are always seeking faster and easier solutions, with the hopes to save time and look better.

One of my biggest annoyances is hair fluff around my cheeks and the top of my lips. I never thought about removing them from the root with techniques such as shaving or waxing because I was afraid that hair would grow thicker. I also have very dry and sensitive skin, which is prone to ingrown hairs (can you imagine ingrown hairs on your face???).

Up until recently, my preferred method was using hair scissors as it worked and was quick. But even so, I wasn’t able to target every single one of my hairs, and when I was in a rush, I would even cut skin off my face (which was very painful to heal).

I recently started seeing those “fast” and “pain free” commercials promoting facial hair removal shavers specifically made for

women. I grew curious and went online to see the multitude of options out there. For the sake of trying it, I got a hold of Magefy facial hair removal system.

The very first thing that caught my attention is that it is rechargeable via usb. I can’t tell you how much I dislike getting battery operated devices, when I can simply charge them electrically.

I also like that Magefy is light weight and feels very nice in the hands. I used it for the first time, and I couldn’t believe how AMAZING it works.

It has a 9-piece steel head for shaving the hair. But for some reason, you don’t feel it at all! It shaves every hair until it’s fully removed from the skin, but it literally does nothing to the skin, so it doesn’t irritate it or harm it. To me this was inane. I had to try it on different parts of my body to confirm that it was really removing hair, because it’s so gentle on the skin that you don’t feel it. I also took the risk and swiped it all over my fingers a few times to see if I would get any cuts, and I got none. I used it on my cheeks, top of my lips, and an area of my arm (I never shave my arms) just to see how it would work. Turns out hair was removed super fast and flawlessly. I got not irritations or no ingrown hairs, and the area is very smooth… again, this is coming from a person with the most annoyingly sensitive and dry skin in the planet.

Cleaning it is super easy as it brings its own cleaning brush; the way it’s designed allows you to clean corners easily. This is also water proof, but I haven’t tried yet. It also comes with a replacement head to remove hair in the nose (thankfully, this is not a problem area for me), and you can use you in other spots on your body.

So far, I’m in love with Magefy and I truly appreciate how gentle it’s been on my skin.

Check it out!

Silky Smooth

I love online shopping.

I mean, who doesn’t, right?

Shopping is a crazy obsession of mine, and whether it’s the right thing or not, I don’t see my life without a little splurging here and there.

For the past few years, shopping in person has been such a drag… I’m not sure what it is. It could be the lack of options at my local stores, the layout of things, or just the overall browsing that has become so annoying (plus, you have access to a bunch of discounts when shopping online!).

Online shopping also has its downsides. For example, products not looking as stated on the pictures, or products arriving damaged or with defects.

One product category that I haven’t had much luck when it comes to online shopping is bed-wear, especially bed sheets, blankets, and such.

During the past few months, I’ve received bed sheets with oil stains, burned spots, bad smell, or loose seams everywhere.

I’m soon moving into a new apartment (which I’m soooooo excited about), so I’m gradually buying a few things here and there to make a smooth transition, including bed-wear.

After my many bedsheets fiasco, I gave up for a while, but decided to give it one more try (hey, maybe the 1,000 times is the charm).

As I was browsing online, I saw many bedsheets claiming that they were made with Egyptian cotton and how the quality was superb. After narrowing it down, I decided to buy a fitted bedsheet by American Pillowcase (at $27.99 it was worth the shot). In the end, I was pleasantly surprised.

Upon receiving my bed-wear, the first thing I couldn’t help noticing is how silky smooth it feels. That’s when I learned the factors that differentiate Egyptian cotton from the typical cotton we are used to: fabric is very soft, breathable, and comfortable. The breathability of the fabric is so great, that it’s perfectly suitable to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

One thing that I loved about this brand is how well made this bed-wear is. It has a thread count of 400, providing greater durability. It also has great hypoallergenic qualities, meaning that it reduces allergens and provides better grip for sensitive skin. I can attest that the threading and made of this bed-wear is superior to all the fiascos I came across to. The stitches are very well aligned, without imperfections or loose seams. I also love that the fabric is very smooth, so the fabric looks solid instead of interconnected.

I’m loving my new find, and I think you should check it out!

A Living Mess

If you have kids at home, you must know how messy it can get, especially in your car.

In between the food, random candy, and crumbs of artsy stuff, the car becomes a living mess, with the ickiest things getting in the hard to reach corners.

We all love a super clean car, but cleaning it can be a living nightmare… yes, I already tried paying a car cleaning service, but no one puts the care to the cleanliness and detail of the car than its own owner.

I had a car vacuum cleaner that was okay (it left stuff behind), was heavy, and I had to find a long electrical adapter to get it to work. After a while, I decided that I wanted something a little bit easier to handle, and that’s where I found Nuwa cordless handheld vacuum cleaner.

This is honestly the best dustbuster black vacuum cleaner that I’ve ever owned. The first thing that I loved about it is how light weight it is! At 1.88 pounds, I’ve spent a while using it with house and car cleaning without feeling any pain around my wrist; I also handle it with just one hand.

I also love the fact that I can charge my vacuum before using it, so I don’t need to worry about any additional cords. In fact, the vacuum cleaner came charged, I used it a few times, and still haven’t had the need to charge it. Nuwa also comes with LED Light HEPA Filter. The LED is actually a great bonus as it provides the right lighting in the right places, especially when working in very complicated areas.

The vacuum is light weight, but is also very powerful. It has been able to suck all the junk and dirt from very steep areas. I also decided to use it around the house in areas where it’s hard for my regular vacuum to reach, like edges underneath the stairs or steep corners in my couch.

Nuwa also comes with additional attachments such as, 1 brush, 1 eva soft tube, 1 hard crevice, 2 hose connectors, and the user manual.

It’s is honestly the most amazing car vacuum cleaner that I’ve used, and I think you should check it out!

Summer Drinks

It’s literally summer and I’m so excited! In between pool parties, beach outings, and cookouts, I’ve been recollecting the best items to make my activities worth while.

One of my top concerns was getting drinking cups that would make the “drinking” feasible. In the wildest parties, glass cups are a no-no; while plastic ones are simply mehhh (plus they don’t hold cold temperatures for long).

I remember that when I was a kid, my grandmother always served drinks in stainless steel cups, which were durable and kept things cold. Today, I went on a mini shopping spree and got a hold of PROKEG stainless steel drinking cups, and it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I love that both kids and adults can drink from these without having to worry about breaking them or not being suitable for parties or get togethers. Another thing that I love from these drinking cups is that they’re free from chemicals, including BPA, paint, or phthalates. One of my craziest pet peeves are drinking cups that absorb odors. One fantastic feature of PROKEG is that it is designed so it doesn’t absorb any smells. It is also made with 18/8 stainless steel, meaning that it is super durable and rust resistant.

These drinking cups are great and I think you should check them out!

A Fresh Start

Taking care of my facial skin has always been a challenge. Although I’m widely known for looking younger than my age, I still struggle with other things such as sensitivity and dryness.

As I may have mentioned on previous blog posts, my skin is so sensitive that many products marketed for sensitive skin actually make my skin react badly. Furthermore, after moisturizing my face twice a day, I always find myself with dry spots.

Another routine that is an issue is exfoliating. My skin certainly needs exfoliation, but when your skin is sensitive, exfoliation can be painful or make your skin extra dry.

Although I love buying the newest beauty products, I’m always careful to not invest my money on gimmicks. For example, facial cleaning brushes and silicone cleaners are in, but I thought it was a total waste of money.

To exfoliate my face, I was using a toothbrush! Yes, it was harsh on my skin, but for some reason (yes I was wrong!) I thought that a rougher exfoliation meant a cleaner face.

After a while, I felt for the fad, and went ahead and got a face cleaning brush for myself by Vogcrest.

It brings two cleaning brushes and a massage head; it is also rechargeable, meaning that I don’t need batteries! And honestly, this was the first thing that caught my attention.

I didn’t expect crazy results. The night after my shower, I applied my facial cleanser and proceeded to use my Vogcrest… long story short: I WAS IMPRESSED.

The brushes are super smooth, and when I say super smooth, I mean SUPER SMOOTH. Yet, the cleaning and exfoliation provided was superb to all the archaic methods I’ve tried for myself. After completing my routine, I was so surprised with how clean and smooth my face felt (it took less than one minute!). At that moment I realized that I didn’t have to be harsh with my skin to provide effective exfoliation. I also like that Vogcrest has 3 cleaning, and cleans 6 times faster than just cleaning your face with your hands.

The massage head that comes with the set is also fantastic. I put it in the freezer, let it cool for a while, and then use it on my face. Not only is it super relaxing, but it also shrinks my pores, and makes my skin brighter.

After all these fixes, not only did I realize that I was genuinely missing out, but I also learned the importance of using the right tools for the right things! (No more facial toothbrush for me).

This facial cleaning set is amazing, and I think you should check it out!

No More Tap

Water consumption has always been a hot topic among health enthusiasm, self-aware people, and even politicians.

Many countries, including Norway and France, spend a great deal to provide the highest quality water for their citizens, taking care of sanitation and the protection of the groundwater system.

In the United States, the situation is a little complicated, with very few cities proving quality drinking water. I have lived in multiple states, and whether we like it or not, tap water can have significant effects both internally and externally. In my state, I noticed a high amount of minerals and chlorine in the water, which affected me with very dry skin and hair. A shower filter works decently, but it is not optimal.

When it comes to health, when you drink tap water you’re exposed to PBCs, dioxins, lead, and much more.

As a solution, many people have resourced to bottled water; and if you drink the right amount of water for a healthy body, you are spending an average of $1.20 for a water bottle, while tap water is $2 per thousand gallon.

Seeing the effects of tap water on my hair and skin has made me conscious about the internal effects. I drink 75 ounces of water daily, and water bottles can be EXPENSIVE, especially if you have a large family like myself.

I started doing some research, and came across Drinkpod, which is a water filtering system, and I had to try it.

The first thing that caught my attention about this system (and the reason I decided to try it) is that it provides UltraVi Sterilization and Multi-Stage Filtration, meaning that Drinkpod provides water filtration that is 100x stronger than the typical fridge filter.

Drinkpod was very well packaged and the manual is seriously one of the most extensive and helpful that I have seen on a kitchen appliance for quite a while. It provides an installation guide (just connect it to your PVC, as you would with your fridge filter). It also provides a throughout overview of all the features of Drinkpod, and all the care instructions so it lasts as long as it should.

My favorite (and most amazing) feature of Drinkpod is that it allows you to choose between cold, room temperature, and hot water. If you are active in the kitchen, you can’t deny how fantastic this feature is! I can’t emphasize how annoying it is to boil water… it takes forever, and if you try to boil large amounts in the microwave, it also takes long. With Drinkpod, I’m able to pour hot water within seconds to make things such as teas, insta-soups, and insta-coffees.

Along with these features, Drinkpod also has Eco Mode, which intelligently powers down heating and cooling during downtime to save energy.

Even though I have a fridge filter, I was drinking tap water because my fridge took forever to pour water (about 2 minutes to fill a glass) and the water was significantly warmer than running tap water. Drinkpod surpassed this as it has a setting to pour water in 10 seconds, and the water is as cold as can be. The taste is super fresh, and I feel my thirst fading with ease.

I would love to see Drinkpod extend their features to bathroom systems for better beauty care.

I’m super happy with my new system, and I think you should check it out!