Healthy Inside Out

We all have our deficiencies or weak points in our bodies. If I don’t take care of myself, I struggle with super dry skin, brittle nails, and fragile hair, which is why I take supplements such as collagen.

Finding the right collagen supplement can be somewhat of a struggle, due to the variety of forms and options present in the market. Collagen tends to smell and taste horrible, so I was lucky to find tasteless and odorless collagen powder, which I add in shakes, coffees, etc. There’s also marine collagen and grass fed collagen (marine is self-explanatory, while grass fed simply means it comes from cows).

Powder collagen is a great option, but it can be an issue if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to prepare any food combination that allows the use of powder collagen (and that blends in well). For that reason, I went on a search for a collagen supplements that I could swallow in seconds and be on the go.

After some research, I came across CollagenDNA premium collagen peptide capsules, and these have been amazing.

I love that I get to take these on the go, without having to worry about having to prepare some sort of food or drink to mix them in. These are honestly the first collagen pills I came across to that are actually tasteless and odorless. Before taking these, the only way for me to take odorless/tasteless collagen was in powder form, which again, involved some drink/food preparation. Apart from this, I love that I only have to take 2 capsules twice a day. The first collagen supplement that I ever tried (didn’t only stunk and tasted horrible) but required that I take 6 capsules a day… that’s just crazy!

As I was researching this product, I also learned that collagen have many more amazing benefits apart from hair, nails, and skin. It turns out that collagen is crucial for healthy bones, tendons, connective tissue, and also supports joint flexibility. Apart from that, I also learned that CollagenDNA has 180 essential aminos and micro-nutrients, which not only aid your skin, but also in the production of creatine, which serves as an energy source for your muscles. Due to the high content of protein in these collagen supplements, these are a perfect addition of most healthy diets. For many people with sensitive diets (like myself) CollagenDNA is free from soy and gluten.

This was a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

Feet Need Some Love Too

Life is a challenge – no doubt about that, but it can be even more challenging when we seek to fill the voids imposed by society. We live in a world where we have to be “super people.” By this, I mean that we have to be self-sufficient, strong, brilliant, and successful. This lifestyle puts so much pressure on ourselves, as we deal with the responsibilities of work, family, friends, personal relationships, and even debt.

I’m struggling with many things of my own, including credit card debt, student loans, not able to find work in my field, losing friends, anxiety, germophonia, a few health mishaps, not finding the right love partner – you name it. I’m aware that people go through worse things out there, but these are MY STRUGGLES, and I’m working on them.

As I try to juggle life, I find it hard to give myself a break and relax… which is something that I’m imposing to myself. Not a long time ago, I wouldn’t allow myself to simply relax and enjoy things such as a nice walk, a sundown, meditation, or something as simple as a massage. After some trials and errors, I found massages to be my favorite and most effective way to calm my anxiety. For this reason, I’ve got a hold of a few massage appliances to relax at home right before going to sleep.

I recently came across Belmit Reflexology Shiatsu foot massager, and it has been out of this world.

I own a back and neck massager (which by the way are amazing), but I still ended the day feeling very sore in the feet area. Not only do I have a very active day filled with errands, I also deal with constant ankle pain and swelling. I sprained both of my ankles on different occasions many years ago (about 16 years ago), but never received medical attention for it, and up until now, I struggle with them.

I started doing some research on my feet and overall health, and came across Reflexology, which is the belief that applying pressure to certain areas of your feet impact the health of different organs in your body. I believe that the human anatomy is fascinating (especially how all its parts are interconnected to function).

What caught my attention about Belmit is that not only does it massage my feet in a way that accounts Reflexology, but also massages calf, ankles, and even my legs! I’ve honestly never seen anything like it before.

I like that the massager comes ready for use. I plugged it in, connected the massager, wrapped my legs, and I was good to go. It also has an adjustable support bar, which you can adapt according to your angle and personal needs.

Belmit has 2 vibration settings, 3 massage modes, 2 leg air bag settings, and 3 air pressure levels, meaning that there is literally a multitude of massage combinations that you can set up.

After my first use, I was very impressed. Belmit is very powerful compared to the average home massager, which is great. I liked that it massaged so many areas of my feet and legs, so it felt like a complete massage. After using it for about 30 minutes, my feet felt very light weight… I’m not sure how to explain it; it reminded me of the sensation I feel after an hour section of intense yoga. I felt so relaxed as if I wasn’t carrying my own weight. On top of this, my ankles felt less pressure, so the swelling went down significantly.

What’s more important for me out of all of this is that I found a new way to relax, take care of myself, and simply give myself a break. Through time and with some effort, I’ learning that little things like getting a feet massager, taking a nap, bathing in epsom salt, and actually allowing myself the right of self-care can make a significant impact in the way we approach life challenges and recover from them.

This was certainly a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

Saving My Skin

We all have some sort of skin problem we deal with. My good friend who lives by the desert in Las Vegas deals with extremely dry skin. When I travel to humid places like Florida, the humidity of the area expands my pores, and when spending time at home in the north east, the cold climate sucks all the moisture out of my skin.

As I’m closer to my 30’s, I notice that my skin is more and more sensitive to the weather and the overall daily exposure to activities. Not only am I affected by the different climate changes throughout the year, I’m also dealing with random fine lines on my nose. On top of everything, I have super sensitive skin, so it’s difficult for me to just try every product out there.

There are a multitude of products out in the market. Many of these, whether we want to accept it or not, are gimmicks, or simply put, trash.

After trying a multitude of solutions, I came across a product that has truly made a different on the health and condition of my skin – Hyaluronic Acid.

Simply put, (according to Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced by your skin, and is crucial in maintaining the moisture on your skin while targeting environmental triggers.

I have tried a multitude of Hyaluronic Acid brands, some betters than others; right now, one of my favorites is CSCS.

CSCS is made with 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid. According to the brand, not only does Hyaluronic Acid boost moisture on your skin, but it’s also anti-aging, tightens the skin, and even boosts collagen levels.

What I love about CSCS is that it provides great moisture without being oily. My skin is very dry, but anything oily clogs my pores. After a few days of being on CSCS I noticed that my skin is more plumped, more moisturized, and when using face lotions, my skin sucks it in better (if that makes any sense). About a week after, I noticed that the fine lines on my nose were smoother, which is a plus! I honestly didn’t believe that a product could make a significant change on my skin when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles (I used to believe that the only real way to get rid of wrinkles or fine lines was to resource to Botox or laser treatments).

My fine lines are simply looking great. I notice that if I go a few days without using this, my face starts suffering, so I always apply before going to sleep. I’m not sure what would be the effect on more mature wrinkles, but I’ve done well with my very recent fine lines.

I think this was a fantastic find and you should check it out!

Save My Back!

I’m not 30 just yet, and I already struggle with a multitude of back pains.

I’ve spent many years seated on chairs with no back support, looking down at a computer monitor for hours, and even sleeping on a very uncomfortable bed. (Talking about beds, who the heck said that Memory Foam is good for your back? It adapts to your body, but provides no back support, which makes my back even more painful).

I’ve tried a bunch of back exercises, changing my posture, etc. But nothing seemed to be helping.

Every day, I felt some sort of numbing pain on my back; similar to the pain or numbness you feel when your foot falls asleep. On top of that, my neck felt heavy, and every time I laid on my bed, I felt a numbing pain on my hips, which was so painful that I couldn’t move (it’s like I lose control of my hips).

I haven’t tried visiting the doctor because 1- work is time consuming and 2- in all honesty, I’m tired of constant doctors appointments.

To solve this problem, I got one of those back massagers that you lay over your shoulders, and although nice, it wasn’t effective at targeting the pain on my entire back.

I continued to do additional research, and that’s when I came across Belmit full back massager, and it has been a life saver!

What I love about this back massager is that it has 12-kneeling massage modes, which provides versatility. Since it’s a full back massager, it’s designed to massage hard-to-reach areas such as the lumber area, lower and upper back, and even acupuncture points of pressure. The manufacturer also designed this to target muscle tiredness, tightness, and knots.

In combination with my back stretching exercises, this has been amazing! My back is less painful, and it feels more relaxed. Although I still struggle with tightness, it is less tired, and my hips no longer feel numb when I go to sleep. I love that I have been able to use this on my couch and even my office space. On top of this, it comes with wiring to use in your car if you ever need to!

I think this massager is fantastic and you should check it out!

Comfy Bottoms

We all have our little shopping obsessions. Some people acquire huge makeup sets, while others have an unlimited collection of books. In my case, I have an undeniably obsession with a multitude of things, including underwear.

I can’t express into simple words why I find underwear so addicting. It’s something about the colors, style, fit, and patterns. Things such as lace detail, comfort, and delicate colors make me fall in love.

I have underwear from a multitude of brands, from local malls, high end stores, and basic panty packs.

I’ve noticed that regardless of the brand, some panties have longer life than others, and it all depends on the material, its thickness, and comfort.

After so much trial and error I have found a few of my favorites, one of them being BCBGeneration.

The first thing that I loved about the panties is that these are 100% true to size. This is so important for me because you can’t imagine how annoying is it to have to go through size charts and measure myself, to then end up with underwear that fits off. With BCBGeneration not only were the panties right on point, but the fit was flattering, meaning that I didn’t have to deal with love handles or other unflattering postures.

Another thing I loved about these is how strong the material is. It is well made and thick, without being tight or unbreathable. Talking about breathability, these are made with lightweight nylon and spandex, which doesn’t only provide breathability, but also moisture protection.

Last, (and probably the most important thing) is the design! The lace parts are super pretty but sturdy. One of my top problems with lace panties is that they break apart with little use. I washed these a few times, and they still look new. This is a top advantage, compared to most brands of a similar price points that I’ve tried. I also like that the designs are consistent and that there aren’t any loose seams or threads.

This was a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

Keeping Them Clean

We all have our little paranoias or rituals that we deal with on a daily basis.

For me, it’s germs… or more specifically, people walking in my house with shoes on.

There’s nothing more uneasy that the thought of people dragging their shoes through my house filled with every possible germ out in the streets.

It is known that bacteria or germs such as E. coli, pneumonia, and thousands of others are found on shoes, so I always try to keep a strict practice when it comes to hygiene.

I also have people come over my house, and in all honesty, I don’t like being rude. If I’m hosting a party, why should I make my guest uncomfortable, especially if our beliefs differ?

So I try to incorporate a few aids, like a good door mat. The problem with most door mats is that they break apart easily or don’t grasp enough dirt from shoes.

In my case, I found my perfect mate with Green Dream door mat.

I chose mine in the brown color, and it’s honestly beautiful. I don’t tend to like brown on door mats because they fade, but this particular door mat is very rich in color.

I like that the material is Heavy Duty. It is slightly heavy, but at the same time light enough to place by the door without being dragged.

I like that this door mat has a nice textured design, which helps in dragging as much dirt and stuff from shoes. It is also made with 100% polypropylene, which provides resistance in all extreme weathers.

This is a great finding, and I think you should check it out!

For The Record

Music is a great part of our lives. It is literally present everywhere: commercials, restaurants, reunions, and even elevators.

My grandfather was a huge vinyl record collector, and he recently passed them down. There is something greatly fascinating about the history behind these vintage items. It makes me wonder who the previous owners were and the circumstances they lived through. Our past are technically only in our minds and in the history told by our elders… but vintage pieces like vinyl record bring those memories to life.

I’m not a vinyl record pro, but I was really curious about the way they worked, so I went ahead and purchased a vinyl record player by MyWave.

I like that this player has many modern features, so it makes it easy for me to play these records. The first thing that caught my attention about the player is its suitcase design, meaning that I can easily store it and carry it anywhere.

The player also had built-in speakers that are actually powerful and smooth. Placing the vinyl record on it was so easy; I just had to plug-in the player, unlock the player, raise the volume, and it was good to go.

A feature that I thought was fascinating about this player is the fact that it can do vinyl to mp3 recording, meaning that you can transfer the vinyl’s music to your computer as a digital file!

Other features it has include auto-stop switch, power and volume control, aux input, RCA input, USB port, and headphone jack.

This is certainly a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

Cozy Feet

We’re still in autumn, yet we’re expecting snow tonight.

Days like these really slows me down. I can’t help but bringing up Bahamas into every conversation I have, and how great it would be to be in it’s warm waters and hot sun.

In the meanwhile, my only solution is to seek the coziest and heartwarming ways to stay warm. Like me, my father is also cold all the time… and just recently, I got him a very cute pair of house slippers. I couldn’t help noticing how great and warm they looked, so I went ahead and also got myself a pair of FootTech house slippers.

I know these are marketed for men, but these look so nice, so I said- why not?

They come in a variety of colors, but this particular combination of red and blue is vibrant and keeps me awake throughout these cold and dark days.

I love that these are very nicely foamed and that I can walk around the house without feeling discomfort. These have also lasted a long time, compared to my last pair of slippers that only survived for two weeks. I’m cold all the time, so these have been great at keeping my feet super warm.

Another thing that I love about these is that these have a very well made anti-slid soles, making them great to walk both inside and outside the house. I personally don’t use outside shoes in the house, but I have used these outside the house here and there, and have survived well.

Did I mention that these are machine washable?

These are great for the price and I think you should check it out!

Keep It Up

We all have those random things that we always collect for no reason. For many, it’s something as simple as lip balms or pens everywhere – for me, it is water bottles.

When I started my healthy-body journey, I’ve grown aware of the importance of having the right water intake.

For your personal purpose, if you even want to know what is the minimum amount of water needed for your body to stay healthy, all you have to do is divide your body weight by 2, and drink the final results in ounces. For example, if you weight 100 pounds, divide the amount by 2, which equals 50; this means that you need to drink a minimum of 50 ounces of water a day.

After I started taking the right amount of water, I noticed a difference on my skin, my dry eyes, and even my energy level.

The problem with many water bottles that is that they can be flimsy, hard to carry, and can easily accumulate moldy stuff. When I resource to heavy-duty water bottles, then they’re too difficult to handle, especially when you have an active day and a lot of commuting.

Thankfully, I’ve found the right balance between heavy-duty and activity with Socoo Large Water Bottle in 2.2L (or about 74 ounces).

What I love about this water bottle is that it is super stylish, so it looks more like an accessory than a heavy-duty commute water bottle. It comes with a nice strap, which I put on my wrist or further into my arms whenever I’m in a rush. The water cap is also very sturdy, so the water doesn’t leak when I throw it in my bag. One of the things I love the most is that it has a nice textured design all around the bottle, which provides an amazing grip and comfort when holding it. The water bottle is BPA free; I’m not sure if this information is relevant, but I noticed that my water doesn’t stink any more towards the end of the day, or after a few days of use without washing (which happened with my other water bottles).

This is a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

That One Thing

We all have that one drawer or box with a bunch of tools, that to many, are just a load of stuff.

That load of stuff, actually are very handy, and even a life saver, as these can be used in a multitude of ways for a multitude of projects and activities.

I’m always shopping for small tools or things that I know will be handy in last minutes situations, and after seeing the cheap price, I got a hold of Roraima gourd shape keychain.

I like that for the price, I comes with a total of 12, with 2 of each color.

I originally got these because I have a pool cover that keeps slipping off. As a result, there was a bunch of junk and leaves getting into my pool. I came up with a mini-plan where I use these to hold the cover to the pole of the pool, and it’s not longer slipping off!

I had a bunch remaining, and I liked that these could be used in a variety of ways and settings like as a keychain holder, for camping, hammock setup, mountain climbing – you name it.

This is definitely one of the things that you would want to keep in your junk tool box.

Check it out!