Do Your Temperature Work

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “living in difficult times” one million times in the past few months. This is because we are in fact living difficult times.

Regardless of your point of view of the things that we are dealing with on a daily, one thing is certain: we have grown conscious of our health and daily activities.

One thing that we must always have in our homes is a body temperature thermometer, as this helps us keep track of our health. In my home, we used a basic thermometer (the ones you put under your armpit and in your mouth). Of course, we always disinfected it after using, but the reality is that this new normal requires other procedures when taking care of our sick loved ones: social distancing.

This new concept has helped me re-evaluate the way I take care of myself and my loved ones. Considering that hygiene is more than ever before, I decided to browse for a non-contact thermometer, and that’s when I came across Sinocare infrared, non-contact forehead thermometer.

What really caught my attention about this thermometer is that it work perfectly with babies, kids, and adults, which makes it family friendly. It works with 2 AAA batteries (which already comes with it!). I also love that it has features such as fever warning and memory recall. Using it is super easy too! You just have to turn it on, and press the same button to read body temperature (which takes seconds).

This was an amazing (and necessary) find, and I think you should check it out: