An Optimized Chance

These are very uncertain times. We are dealing with racial injustice, social riots, contagious diseases, work insecurity and everything in between.

Unemployment rates are at a all-time high, and with this, comes greater uncertainty and competition work open jobs. I’ve been impacted by all of this and it has been a very complicated process.
I’ve seen job opportunities closed ahead of time because they had too many applicants. This means that after I worked hard to submit my resume, no one took the time to review it (even if I was highly qualified for the job). On top of that, we have other challenges such as an applicant tracking system, content appeal, etc.
Recruiters have always been strict and a hard target to attract. During these times, they are getting stricter and harder to reach. Small resume mistakes such as spelling, content irrelevancy and even format can be factors that close the door for a great opportunity. 
I consider myself a good writer, but even so, it is always important to have a second pair of eyes review your work, which is why I decided to try
They are a resume editing service that targets every area of your resume to make sure you meet the standards to get noticed by a recruiter. Their service is very inexpensive compared to similar ones. On top of that, they even have a free resume review service where they quickly tell you what areas you could improve.
I liked that everything was straight up and to the point. After seeing and reviewing my resume so many times, my mind became accustomed and let go of small details that other people could see. I think this is a great resource for someone who needs help improving their chances to land an interview.
I wish everyone stays safe during these hard times.
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