Cooking Without Limits

I’ve never been the greatest cook… or at least I haven’t tried to. Cooking hasn’t been my greatest passion, either because I find it boring or I don’t have the patience to put the ingredients together (don’t get me wrong, I love eating the final results).

After this entire quarantine situation, I’ve been trying to up my cooking skills… there’s nothing more pleasing than eating healthy and knowing exactly what’s going on your plate; reason why I’ve been determined to learn a few recipes.

As I try new recipes, I’ve noticed the importance of having a good cutting board. At first, I tried cutting on plates, but the experience was uncomfortable, and the knifes would leave marks behind the plates. Then I decided to stop putting it off and got myself a hold of Royal Craft Wood cutting table.

The first thing that caught my attention about it is the fact that it is made with anti microbial materials. I like this because I’m super paranoid when it comes to cross contamination in the kitchen. I also like that it is made with organic bamboo, which means that I’m not cooking my food on tools that could transfer its chemical composition to my food (believe me, I’ve read a bunch of articles on toxins transferred to food as a result of cooking tools). Anyways, The 3 cutting board sizes are super convenient, and when cutting, the knife doesn’t get stuck on the board. It also has a very convenient design thanks to its liquid retention grooves and handles for easy carrying.

This was a great find and I think you should check it out!