Killer Brows

For many, beauty isn’t a priority; however, most people try to keep a minimally polished look. Things such as perfect eyebrows can’t be forgotten, as they can enhance the shape of your face and even the depth of your eyes.

I like doing my own eyebrows, so it’s been a long journey of experimenting, trial, and error.

After a while, I noticed that tweezers, brow fills, and an angled brow liner has been key to make my brows look full and defined. One thing that I struggled with was the tiny hairs between the brows and around them. I used to plug the hairs around the brows one by one, which can be time consuming. On top of that, I’m going to vacation soon, so I went in the hunt for an additional tool that would ease my eyebrow fix time.

After shopping around, I came across Shinco eyebrow trimmer razor with LED light, and it has been fantastic.

I like that this is battery operated, so I can be on the go, especially when traveling to a foreign country. The LED light is definitely helpful and provides enough lighting to see the hairs without being too low or blinding. The razor works super fast, so I can remove the additional hairs in less than a minute (which is faster than plucking with tweezers). I also love that this is gentle on my skin, thanks to its hypoallergenic gold coating. As a result, I haven’t experienced any irritation or ingrown hairs.

This is a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!