Saving My Skin

When you meet someone (at least in my case), the first thing I notice is their face. Our face is the first step into representing who we are. As a result, I try to keep my face healthy and clean.

Not a long time ago, I used to believe that products with high amount of chemicals were the best thing to rejuvenate and boost the skin on the face. For some reason, I was under the impression that natural thing simply didn’t work.

As time passed by, I started learning about the nature of our skin, how sensitive it is, and the fact that there are many common products out there with a load of carcinogens. For that reason, I started looking for products that promise to be gentle and effective.

In my search, I came across LuxeOrganix eye cream, and I was more than excited to try it out.

The first thing that caught my attention about this cream is that is has retinol, which has been amazing at helping with my premature fine lines. Their retinol is plant-base, and is amazing at boosting collagen, speeding cell turnover, and evening out skin. As I read about LuxeOrganix, I also learned that all the ingredients used are natural and organic.

What I love about this eye cream is how lightweight it is. It’s super moisturizing without being annoyingly oily, which is definitely a plus! I have super sensitive and dry skin, and 89% of products that I try for dry skin are super oily, which I hate with passion. I also like that I can use this product both at night and day time, meaning that I know I can go under the sun without risking my skin to stains. The scent is very light to none, which is another thing that I love greatly as I hate weird scents on my face before going to sleep.

I’m so happy that I found this and I love how gentle and moisturizing it is to my skin.

Check it out!