Where’s That Coming From?

black and gray metal stand

It seems to me that the majority of us have some sort annoying task to deal with when it comes to our homes. Whether it’s a million piles of leaves in the fall or constantly clogged toilets, our goal is to find solutions that are fast and help us save money in the long run.

In my case, my struggle is a very (VERY) humid basement. I have tried a bunch of methods, such as leaving the windows open during the summer, and constantly cleaning and tossing things, but nothing seemed to help. Every few weeks, my basement grew a huge amount of mold… and when I say huge, it’s to the point where you could easily get a sore throat. This would get all over my stuff, even my clothes, and in the end, I had to throw everything out. Among the mold, there were other annoying stuff, like the smell, and the fact that I even got frizz from just going to the basement (I spend close to three ours blowdrying and styling my hair… it’s a lot of work).

I realized that the most economic and effective solution would be to get a dehumidifier, but these tend to be very expensive. After some research, I came across Yeufey 30 pint dehumidifier and it has been the best thing that has happened to me. It is suitable for up to 1500 sq ft, which is perfect for the space in my basement. It can drain 4 gallons of water a day, which sounds like plenty humidity.

I love that it has automatic humidity control, allowing you to set your preferred humidity levels. It also has 24 hour timer and has a full tank alert system, with auto shut-off, which is very convenient. It even comes with a draining hose, which works as you go along.

One of the things that is always great for any appliance is the fact that it is so easy to move around. It rotates 180 degrees and comes with 4 wheels, which eases the entire process.

I’ve had this in my basement for less than a week, and I’m so excited to say that I notice that I no longer get frizz going there! With time, I’m certain that I won’t be dealing with the mold situation again.

This was a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!