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We all have our deficiencies or weak points in our bodies. If I don’t take care of myself, I struggle with super dry skin, brittle nails, and fragile hair, which is why I take supplements such as collagen.

Finding the right collagen supplement can be somewhat of a struggle, due to the variety of forms and options present in the market. Collagen tends to smell and taste horrible, so I was lucky to find tasteless and odorless collagen powder, which I add in shakes, coffees, etc. There’s also marine collagen and grass fed collagen (marine is self-explanatory, while grass fed simply means it comes from cows).

Powder collagen is a great option, but it can be an issue if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to prepare any food combination that allows the use of powder collagen (and that blends in well). For that reason, I went on a search for a collagen supplements that I could swallow in seconds and be on the go.

After some research, I came across CollagenDNA premium collagen peptide capsules, and these have been amazing.

I love that I get to take these on the go, without having to worry about having to prepare some sort of food or drink to mix them in. These are honestly the first collagen pills I came across to that are actually tasteless and odorless. Before taking these, the only way for me to take odorless/tasteless collagen was in powder form, which again, involved some drink/food preparation. Apart from this, I love that I only have to take 2 capsules twice a day. The first collagen supplement that I ever tried (didn’t only stunk and tasted horrible) but required that I take 6 capsules a day… that’s just crazy!

As I was researching this product, I also learned that collagen have many more amazing benefits apart from hair, nails, and skin. It turns out that collagen is crucial for healthy bones, tendons, connective tissue, and also supports joint flexibility. Apart from that, I also learned that CollagenDNA has 180 essential aminos and micro-nutrients, which not only aid your skin, but also in the production of creatine, which serves as an energy source for your muscles. Due to the high content of protein in these collagen supplements, these are a perfect addition of most healthy diets. For many people with sensitive diets (like myself) CollagenDNA is free from soy and gluten.

This was a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!

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