Feet Need Some Love Too

Life is a challenge – no doubt about that, but it can be even more challenging when we seek to fill the voids imposed by society. We live in a world where we have to be “super people.” By this, I mean that we have to be self-sufficient, strong, brilliant, and successful. This lifestyle puts so much pressure on ourselves, as we deal with the responsibilities of work, family, friends, personal relationships, and even debt.

I’m struggling with many things of my own, including credit card debt, student loans, not able to find work in my field, losing friends, anxiety, germophonia, a few health mishaps, not finding the right love partner – you name it. I’m aware that people go through worse things out there, but these are MY STRUGGLES, and I’m working on them.

As I try to juggle life, I find it hard to give myself a break and relax… which is something that I’m imposing to myself. Not a long time ago, I wouldn’t allow myself to simply relax and enjoy things such as a nice walk, a sundown, meditation, or something as simple as a massage. After some trials and errors, I found massages to be my favorite and most effective way to calm my anxiety. For this reason, I’ve got a hold of a few massage appliances to relax at home right before going to sleep.

I recently came across Belmit Reflexology Shiatsu foot massager, and it has been out of this world.

I own a back and neck massager (which by the way are amazing), but I still ended the day feeling very sore in the feet area. Not only do I have a very active day filled with errands, I also deal with constant ankle pain and swelling. I sprained both of my ankles on different occasions many years ago (about 16 years ago), but never received medical attention for it, and up until now, I struggle with them.

I started doing some research on my feet and overall health, and came across Reflexology, which is the belief that applying pressure to certain areas of your feet impact the health of different organs in your body. I believe that the human anatomy is fascinating (especially how all its parts are interconnected to function).

What caught my attention about Belmit is that not only does it massage my feet in a way that accounts Reflexology, but also massages calf, ankles, and even my legs! I’ve honestly never seen anything like it before.

I like that the massager comes ready for use. I plugged it in, connected the massager, wrapped my legs, and I was good to go. It also has an adjustable support bar, which you can adapt according to your angle and personal needs.

Belmit has 2 vibration settings, 3 massage modes, 2 leg air bag settings, and 3 air pressure levels, meaning that there is literally a multitude of massage combinations that you can set up.

After my first use, I was very impressed. Belmit is very powerful compared to the average home massager, which is great. I liked that it massaged so many areas of my feet and legs, so it felt like a complete massage. After using it for about 30 minutes, my feet felt very light weight… I’m not sure how to explain it; it reminded me of the sensation I feel after an hour section of intense yoga. I felt so relaxed as if I wasn’t carrying my own weight. On top of this, my ankles felt less pressure, so the swelling went down significantly.

What’s more important for me out of all of this is that I found a new way to relax, take care of myself, and simply give myself a break. Through time and with some effort, I’ learning that little things like getting a feet massager, taking a nap, bathing in epsom salt, and actually allowing myself the right of self-care can make a significant impact in the way we approach life challenges and recover from them.

This was certainly a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!