Save My Back!

I’m not 30 just yet, and I already struggle with a multitude of back pains.

I’ve spent many years seated on chairs with no back support, looking down at a computer monitor for hours, and even sleeping on a very uncomfortable bed. (Talking about beds, who the heck said that Memory Foam is good for your back? It adapts to your body, but provides no back support, which makes my back even more painful).

I’ve tried a bunch of back exercises, changing my posture, etc. But nothing seemed to be helping.

Every day, I felt some sort of numbing pain on my back; similar to the pain or numbness you feel when your foot falls asleep. On top of that, my neck felt heavy, and every time I laid on my bed, I felt a numbing pain on my hips, which was so painful that I couldn’t move (it’s like I lose control of my hips).

I haven’t tried visiting the doctor because 1- work is time consuming and 2- in all honesty, I’m tired of constant doctors appointments.

To solve this problem, I got one of those back massagers that you lay over your shoulders, and although nice, it wasn’t effective at targeting the pain on my entire back.

I continued to do additional research, and that’s when I came across Belmit full back massager, and it has been a life saver!

What I love about this back massager is that it has 12-kneeling massage modes, which provides versatility. Since it’s a full back massager, it’s designed to massage hard-to-reach areas such as the lumber area, lower and upper back, and even acupuncture points of pressure. The manufacturer also designed this to target muscle tiredness, tightness, and knots.

In combination with my back stretching exercises, this has been amazing! My back is less painful, and it feels more relaxed. Although I still struggle with tightness, it is less tired, and my hips no longer feel numb when I go to sleep. I love that I have been able to use this on my couch and even my office space. On top of this, it comes with wiring to use in your car if you ever need to!

I think this massager is fantastic and you should check it out!