Keeping Them Clean

We all have our little paranoias or rituals that we deal with on a daily basis.

For me, it’s germs… or more specifically, people walking in my house with shoes on.

There’s nothing more uneasy that the thought of people dragging their shoes through my house filled with every possible germ out in the streets.

It is known that bacteria or germs such as E. coli, pneumonia, and thousands of others are found on shoes, so I always try to keep a strict practice when it comes to hygiene.

I also have people come over my house, and in all honesty, I don’t like being rude. If I’m hosting a party, why should I make my guest uncomfortable, especially if our beliefs differ?

So I try to incorporate a few aids, like a good door mat. The problem with most door mats is that they break apart easily or don’t grasp enough dirt from shoes.

In my case, I found my perfect mate with Green Dream door mat.

I chose mine in the brown color, and it’s honestly beautiful. I don’t tend to like brown on door mats because they fade, but this particular door mat is very rich in color.

I like that the material is Heavy Duty. It is slightly heavy, but at the same time light enough to place by the door without being dragged.

I like that this door mat has a nice textured design, which helps in dragging as much dirt and stuff from shoes. It is also made with 100% polypropylene, which provides resistance in all extreme weathers.

This is a great finding, and I think you should check it out!