For The Record

Music is a great part of our lives. It is literally present everywhere: commercials, restaurants, reunions, and even elevators.

My grandfather was a huge vinyl record collector, and he recently passed them down. There is something greatly fascinating about the history behind these vintage items. It makes me wonder who the previous owners were and the circumstances they lived through. Our past are technically only in our minds and in the history told by our elders… but vintage pieces like vinyl record bring those memories to life.

I’m not a vinyl record pro, but I was really curious about the way they worked, so I went ahead and purchased a vinyl record player by MyWave.

I like that this player has many modern features, so it makes it easy for me to play these records. The first thing that caught my attention about the player is its suitcase design, meaning that I can easily store it and carry it anywhere.

The player also had built-in speakers that are actually powerful and smooth. Placing the vinyl record on it was so easy; I just had to plug-in the player, unlock the player, raise the volume, and it was good to go.

A feature that I thought was fascinating about this player is the fact that it can do vinyl to mp3 recording, meaning that you can transfer the vinyl’s music to your computer as a digital file!

Other features it has include auto-stop switch, power and volume control, aux input, RCA input, USB port, and headphone jack.

This is certainly a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!