Cozy Feet

We’re still in autumn, yet we’re expecting snow tonight.

Days like these really slows me down. I can’t help but bringing up Bahamas into every conversation I have, and how great it would be to be in it’s warm waters and hot sun.

In the meanwhile, my only solution is to seek the coziest and heartwarming ways to stay warm. Like me, my father is also cold all the time… and just recently, I got him a very cute pair of house slippers. I couldn’t help noticing how great and warm they looked, so I went ahead and also got myself a pair of FootTech house slippers.

I know these are marketed for men, but these look so nice, so I said- why not?

They come in a variety of colors, but this particular combination of red and blue is vibrant and keeps me awake throughout these cold and dark days.

I love that these are very nicely foamed and that I can walk around the house without feeling discomfort. These have also lasted a long time, compared to my last pair of slippers that only survived for two weeks. I’m cold all the time, so these have been great at keeping my feet super warm.

Another thing that I love about these is that these have a very well made anti-slid soles, making them great to walk both inside and outside the house. I personally don’t use outside shoes in the house, but I have used these outside the house here and there, and have survived well.

Did I mention that these are machine washable?

These are great for the price and I think you should check it out!