That One Thing

We all have that one drawer or box with a bunch of tools, that to many, are just a load of stuff.

That load of stuff, actually are very handy, and even a life saver, as these can be used in a multitude of ways for a multitude of projects and activities.

I’m always shopping for small tools or things that I know will be handy in last minutes situations, and after seeing the cheap price, I got a hold of Roraima gourd shape keychain.

I like that for the price, I comes with a total of 12, with 2 of each color.

I originally got these because I have a pool cover that keeps slipping off. As a result, there was a bunch of junk and leaves getting into my pool. I came up with a mini-plan where I use these to hold the cover to the pole of the pool, and it’s not longer slipping off!

I had a bunch remaining, and I liked that these could be used in a variety of ways and settings like as a keychain holder, for camping, hammock setup, mountain climbing – you name it.

This is definitely one of the things that you would want to keep in your junk tool box.

Check it out!