And I Keep Looking…

As you may recall, I’ve been on a serious search for quality makeup brushes at an affordable price.

Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t like high end brushes? But times are gradually more expensive (at least I’m finding it hard to survive…) so I can really use all the extra dimes I can get.

When looking for affordable alternatives, I pay attention to aspects such as design, sturdiness of the hairs, how well it can hold makeup, and how precise the application can be.

I purchased and tried a multitude of affordable brushes with the hopes to find an amazing alternative to the high end ones, with one of my top favorites being Maange 10 Piece Makeup set.

I like that the brushes are relatively small in size, meaning that these are a great to carry anywhere, especially if you travel a lot or you want an alternative set for work. At the same time, the size of the hairs are on point for a good application. The handles are made with a plastic material, making these very light weight. I like that the marble design looks stylish, and that the print doesn’t look pixelated like many cheap alternatives. One thing that I love about the brushes is that these hold a good amount of makeup/powder for a great application, but at the same time are very easy to clean thanks to the makeup brush cleaner that comes with the set. By the way, the makeup brush cleaner is the coolest thing I’ve tried! You don’t have to wet your brushes or go through an additional processes; just swipe your brushes in it and you’re good to go! The cleaner literally sucks all the makeup in and the brushes look brand new. Another cool addition is the makeup pouch. I love that it has plenty of space to store other makeup items apart from the brushes

Check it out!