A Fresh Start

Taking care of my facial skin has always been a challenge. Although I’m widely known for looking younger than my age, I still struggle with other things such as sensitivity and dryness.

As I may have mentioned on previous blog posts, my skin is so sensitive that many products marketed for sensitive skin actually make my skin react badly. Furthermore, after moisturizing my face twice a day, I always find myself with dry spots.

Another routine that is an issue is exfoliating. My skin certainly needs exfoliation, but when your skin is sensitive, exfoliation can be painful or make your skin extra dry.

Although I love buying the newest beauty products, I’m always careful to not invest my money on gimmicks. For example, facial cleaning brushes and silicone cleaners are in, but I thought it was a total waste of money.

To exfoliate my face, I was using a toothbrush! Yes, it was harsh on my skin, but for some reason (yes I was wrong!) I thought that a rougher exfoliation meant a cleaner face.

After a while, I felt for the fad, and went ahead and got a face cleaning brush for myself by Vogcrest.

It brings two cleaning brushes and a massage head; it is also rechargeable, meaning that I don’t need batteries! And honestly, this was the first thing that caught my attention.

I didn’t expect crazy results. The night after my shower, I applied my facial cleanser and proceeded to use my Vogcrest… long story short: I WAS IMPRESSED.

The brushes are super smooth, and when I say super smooth, I mean SUPER SMOOTH. Yet, the cleaning and exfoliation provided was superb to all the archaic methods I’ve tried for myself. After completing my routine, I was so surprised with how clean and smooth my face felt (it took less than one minute!). At that moment I realized that I didn’t have to be harsh with my skin to provide effective exfoliation. I also like that Vogcrest has 3 cleaning, and cleans 6 times faster than just cleaning your face with your hands.

The massage head that comes with the set is also fantastic. I put it in the freezer, let it cool for a while, and then use it on my face. Not only is it super relaxing, but it also shrinks my pores, and makes my skin brighter.

After all these fixes, not only did I realize that I was genuinely missing out, but I also learned the importance of using the right tools for the right things! (No more facial toothbrush for me).

This facial cleaning set is amazing, and I think you should check it out!