No More Tap

Water consumption has always been a hot topic among health enthusiasm, self-aware people, and even politicians.

Many countries, including Norway and France, spend a great deal to provide the highest quality water for their citizens, taking care of sanitation and the protection of the groundwater system.

In the United States, the situation is a little complicated, with very few cities proving quality drinking water. I have lived in multiple states, and whether we like it or not, tap water can have significant effects both internally and externally. In my state, I noticed a high amount of minerals and chlorine in the water, which affected me with very dry skin and hair. A shower filter works decently, but it is not optimal.

When it comes to health, when you drink tap water you’re exposed to PBCs, dioxins, lead, and much more.

As a solution, many people have resourced to bottled water; and if you drink the right amount of water for a healthy body, you are spending an average of $1.20 for a water bottle, while tap water is $2 per thousand gallon.

Seeing the effects of tap water on my hair and skin has made me conscious about the internal effects. I drink 75 ounces of water daily, and water bottles can be EXPENSIVE, especially if you have a large family like myself.

I started doing some research, and came across Drinkpod, which is a water filtering system, and I had to try it.

The first thing that caught my attention about this system (and the reason I decided to try it) is that it provides UltraVi Sterilization and Multi-Stage Filtration, meaning that Drinkpod provides water filtration that is 100x stronger than the typical fridge filter.

Drinkpod was very well packaged and the manual is seriously one of the most extensive and helpful that I have seen on a kitchen appliance for quite a while. It provides an installation guide (just connect it to your PVC, as you would with your fridge filter). It also provides a throughout overview of all the features of Drinkpod, and all the care instructions so it lasts as long as it should.

My favorite (and most amazing) feature of Drinkpod is that it allows you to choose between cold, room temperature, and hot water. If you are active in the kitchen, you can’t deny how fantastic this feature is! I can’t emphasize how annoying it is to boil water… it takes forever, and if you try to boil large amounts in the microwave, it also takes long. With Drinkpod, I’m able to pour hot water within seconds to make things such as teas, insta-soups, and insta-coffees.

Along with these features, Drinkpod also has Eco Mode, which intelligently powers down heating and cooling during downtime to save energy.

Even though I have a fridge filter, I was drinking tap water because my fridge took forever to pour water (about 2 minutes to fill a glass) and the water was significantly warmer than running tap water. Drinkpod surpassed this as it has a setting to pour water in 10 seconds, and the water is as cold as can be. The taste is super fresh, and I feel my thirst fading with ease.

I would love to see Drinkpod extend their features to bathroom systems for better beauty care.

I’m super happy with my new system, and I think you should check it out!