Smooth Operator

We all have that one random cosmetic procedure that we are dying to try, but we put it off… either because it’s painful, too expensive, or simply too much work.

For me, it has been laser hair removal. A professional hair removal service (on legs, for example) can cost an average of $500, and you need about 6-9 sections to see full results; that could be a total of $3,000 to $4,500 for the full service.

Let’s be straight up, that’s a load of cash right there; and if you’re typical middle class America, this expense is not in question.

After doing the math, I thought about getting a hair removal system that I could use at home. I’ve done a lot of research, and for some reason all these systems have reviews that weren’t appealing enough for me to spend $300. For example:

1- Have to replace cartridge constantly

2- It’s unbearably painful

3- It literally burned the skin

4- Left scars behind

5- Affected skin shade

6- All of the above, and hair isn’t gone

These effects are critical, and with no professional knowledge on hair removal methods, I was scared.

Time kept passing by, and I was concerned about the constant shaving because it is super irritating to my skin. I have tried a multitude of different methods, lotions, exfoliators, water temperatures, shaving patterns, etc. And I always end up with ingrown hairs and irritation… and the pubic area is even worse.

I decided to once again keep researching methods, and I came across Deess laser hair removal. The first two things that caught my attention about this system is that the average ratings were actually above average, and that the system came with two additional cartridges: one to treat aging, and the other to treat acne.

It has a nice weight, which I think adds to the grip and movement. It is not rechargeable, so you must leave it connected to the electrical outlet at all times, and it comes with sunglasses to protect your vision from the flashes.

You also don’t have to use any gels or aids, and you must make sure that your skin is free from lotions or any other cosmetics (and must also shave at most 24 hours before your treatment. Don’t wax as you need your hair follicles in place).

To use it, you just have to press the on and off button. Using the same button, you have get to choose your level (raging from 1 to 5). At first, I didn’t realize that I needed to use the same button for all the settings, so I ended up doing my treatment at the highest setting (which was painful).

I have a moderate pain tolerance, meaning that I don’t freak out easily, but neither can I take pain for too long. In my case, I use levels 1 and 2 (until I get used to it and can move on to a higher setting).

I have super sensitive skin, meaning that some products marketed for sensitive skin can be harsh on me. I was so surprised that I didn’t get any negative effects or burning using Deess.

When using this hair removal system, the flashes feel like very warm pins. When I do it on my legs, it’s not painful at all. When it comes to my armpits, it hurts a tiny bit (considering that I have very sensitive armpits and that regular deodorant hurts and peels my skin off). I also tried the bikini area for the sake of my experiment (although Deess advices that you don’t use it on pubic area); the bikini line was the most painful of all. I also used it at the forefront of my pubes and it did hurt. I advice against using it in areas like your “pubic lips” because it will really HURT and you could even burn the area.

After doing your first treatment area, let it cool off for few minutes, and then go over it once more. In simple terms, go over the treatment area 2x a section, once a week.

I’m still using Deess, so I don’t have final results; however, after a few treatments (5 in one month) I’m experiencing bald spots, so I do have positive outlook for my treatment.

Before I forget, it’s important to point out, laser hair removal is not recommend for people who have naturally blonde, red, grey, or white hair (safety matters!)

This is fantastic system, and I think you should check it out!

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