Smiles At My Feet

img_6737As time passes by and our technology grows diverse (and expensive), it is becoming harder and harder to find fun gifts for our family members (the younger ones included).

I have blurred memories of when I was a kid; however, I can vividly remember how static I felt when I was gifted a new Barbie doll for Christmas or even a new cooking set. Time has passed by, and the mind of the kids on our new generation is more active, more vivid, and expect more action. As a result, You’ll see a kid as young as 3 years old experimenting with simple coding and active iPad games… and when you offer something as a teddy bear or a toy car, they wonder why “it doesn’t work” or why it doesn’t do anything. This has affected our society and the markets in a multitude of ways, with stores such as Toys R Us closing down.

I would dare to say that I’m one of few people who defend the cause (not entirely, but in a great part). Today, kids spend hours playing on their iPad, but back them you would spend hours playing with your doll. Today, boys race cars electronically, while back them boys spent hours racing their toy cars. Many parents believe that there is sentimental value to physical toys, and although these may have value, we should also value the benefits of these new technologies and how it is gradually enlightening the minds of the future. Instead of blaming or withdrawing technology, I think the key is discipline – or incorporating a variety of activities to promote growth, balance, and responsibility.

Everything has its pros and cons, with one of the main cons of this cause gravitating towards having to find a gift that the younger ones would appreciate. As I was browsing around, I came across Fandian Emoji slippers, and it’s honestly the cutest thing!

img_6720Emojis are popular characters among the younger ones, with The Emoji Movie making close to $26 million on opening weekend alone. When I saw these slippers, I figure that it was a cool and inexpensive way to gift “tech” to the younger ones.

img_6721The listing of these slippers claim that these were manufactured as one-size fits all. I’m a woman’s size 10, and these fit perfectly (yes, these are so cute I considered keeping these to myself instead of giving them away). As soon as my younger sisters and my little nephew saw these, they started fighting over them, so I had to make a decision. They all tried them on, and it fit sizes 6, 7 1/2, and 8 1/2 perfectly. From my personal experience, I would recommend these for women sizes 6 to 10. img_6722These are actually very well made and very warm, so they are a plus during the winter months (or air conditioned homes). These are also super comfortable and very nicely stuffed. In my opinion, the extra stuffing made me feel super relaxed.

I think it’s a fantastic find and you should check it out!

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