Saving My Eyes Part I… or II… or M

I’m back with another amazing eye solution!

If you have been following my blog from its beginnings, you may recall a few posts where I shared my burdening experience with chronic dry eyes.

After my last post on the topic, a lot has happened. For example, I used Xiidra for 6 months, experienced many side effects, but it barely worked. I also tried punctal plugs, which was ineffective. I was then put into Restasis; I have only been using it for 3 months, BUT IT SAVED MY LIFE. My eyes feel great, but there are other things I still have to work with. For example, I’m required to still apply warm compresses, and after a while of working on the computer, my eyes get tired, puffy, and extra dry.

Warm compresses work great, but dipping my hands into the same water over and over again feels a little unhygienic, considering that it all goes on my eyes. Apart from that, the water cools off way too fast. I then found a compress that needs microwaving to heat up. It was a good solution, but it cools off in under 5 minutes, and you have to wait a few hours between microwaving; and if you travel, and there’s no microwave in your hotel room: game over. I continued to do research a came across a machine that works electrically, but it was close to $400 and it’s only sold in England. After my mini-frustration I continued researching and came across Graphene Times’s Heated Eye Mask, and I’ve been extremely happy.

I like that this is very light weight, easy to carry, and very comfortable on the eyes due to the foam.

The mask comes in a size large, yet the straps are very adjustable, so you can easily adapt it to your head size.

The mask takes about 8 minutes or so to warm up, and it has three heat settings (low, medium, high). In my opinion, the low setting might be too low if you’re trying to target dry eyes specifically; however, the high setting is very comfortable and warm enough. While using it, because it seals around my eyes, it creates some moisture, which feels great.

This mask charges via USB, so I simply connect it to my iPad’s charger (I noticed that it feels somewhat warmer using my iPad’s charger vs. iPhone charger).

It think it has been a great touch up for keeping my eyes fresh, and I love that I no longer have to deal with messy water or constant microwaving.

Check it out!