The Roof Is On Fire… Or Not

As soon the market pops up with a new interesting concept, I’m the first one to buy it. Of course, don’t get me wrong, if this new concept won’t modify my life or add up to my routine in a meaningful way, I’m better off saving my money. One of my favorite things to shopContinue reading “The Roof Is On Fire… Or Not”

Smiles At My Feet

As time passes by and our technology grows diverse (and expensive), it is becoming harder and harder to find fun gifts for our family members (the younger ones included). I have blurred memories of when I was a kid; however, I can vividly remember how static I felt when I was gifted a new BarbieContinue reading “Smiles At My Feet”

Don’t Panic

It’s 2018… I cannot stress enough how hectic of a lifestyle we all have. We are always on the go, we need our things immediately, and we need these to be effective (I could go on and on, but there’s a fine line between informative vs. cliche). I’m super health conscious (or at least IContinue reading “Don’t Panic”

Saving My Eyes Part I… or II… or M

I’m back with another amazing eye solution! If you have been following my blog from its beginnings, you may recall a few posts where I shared my burdening experience with chronic dry eyes. After my last post on the topic, a lot has happened. For example, I used Xiidra for 6 months, experienced many sideContinue reading “Saving My Eyes Part I… or II… or M”