Power Load

img_5930I’m not going to brag about how technologically advanced our times are (you already know that). However, you should keep in mind that our fantastic advancements and our access to cool gadgets come with additional needs and solutions.

I’m probably one of the most “techquie” people you might know. With two iPhones, iPad, Smart TV’s, portable color chaging USB speaker lamp, etc. that means that I deal with a multitude of cables, chargers, and outlets.

I also have people constantly come over, with 80% of them requesting some sort of charger or charging capabilities for their gadgets. On top of that, I get to travel very often, so I constantly find myself having to carry a multitude of stuff for my gadgets alone.

I honestly needed a solution. All these cables and chargers, my need to keep them charged, and my friends/family constant requests for chargers was driving me nuts, as I started feeling as some sort of electric human cable robot.

I started doing some research on some objects, outlets, or pretty much ANYTHING that could simplify my life, and that’s when I came across Linkwow power strip and charging station.


This has seriously been one of my best acquisitions in a long time. Linkwow power strip has space for 3 sockets and 6 USB power outlets, meaning that I have plenty of space to charge all my stuff (and even a little extra). This power strip is so powerful that you can use all 3 outlets and 6 USB power outlets all at the same time without overusing power or slowing down the charging process. Due to the power and extra charging space, my loved ones and friends can easily charge their stuff with no problem (and without interfering with my own need to charge my own stuff).

Linkwow has a nice size and comfortable weight, meaning that I can take it with me everywhere without much issue. Its own cable is 6.56 feet long, meaning that it allows me to move around with ease. Some other important information to consider is that its voltage is 250V, the maximum current is 10A, maximum voltage power is 2500W, and it has surge and short circuit protection to keep your devices safe.

Did I mention that this comes with an 18 month warranty? Not a year, BUT 18 MONTHS! I can honestly say that it is not often that a seller offers a warranty that surpasses a year for this type of electronic gadget.

I think this is a great deal and you should check it out!