Major Nail-Over

img_5533New year, new saving strategies. I’m always at par with latest beauty trends, but since the economy doesn’t always scream “happy,” I had to figure out a few tricks so keep my budget on track.

There’s nothing better than getting my nails done at the salon… I simply don’t have to worry about doing them! They always end up nice (without smudges), super shiny, and takes longer to chip off. But when we really take the time to think about the scenario, the reality is that one trip to the nail salon is close to the equivalent of my monthly cellphone bill. For that reason, I decided to start doing my nails at home.

As I mentioned above, doing your own nails at home can be a little bit messy, but if you buy the right tools and products, not only will you get great results, but also be able to use them for an extended period of time, which ends up saving you a ton of money in the long run. For example, my favorite nail polish runs under $20 bucks, and I can go a little over 5+ months using the same nail polish before I even run out. That means that I just got myself 40+ manicures under $20 bucks.

I’ve been on the search to add a few fun perks on my nail-do routine to keep things fun and affordable, and that’s when I remembered that I used to love playing around with my nail decor when I was a pre-teen. Of course, nail decoration doesn’t have to be childish – it can be fun and innovative. As usual, I did my mini-research and came across Happlee 3D nail art. It’s only $10.99 and I can foresee that this set can easily last over half a year! I love that it brings a total of 48 bottles, all super fun and diverse! (We all have experiences buying similar sets where each bottle looks pretty much the same as every other one). Unlike many similar brands, this set brings glitter, sequins, beads, confetti, decals, rhinestones, 3D art, powders, and other interesting stuff.


Below, I included some of my favorite bottles:






I love that Happlee isn’t only limited to nails – you can pretty much use it for a variety of projects including scrapbooks and even facial makeup and eyes. Lately, I’ve been in an all vegan, all safety phase (I can talk about that later), so I loved when I found out that Happlee’s nail art passed security certifications for being 100% non-toxic, meaning that you can play around and do fun projects with the kids without worrying about the toxic matter. One of my favorite (and most important) things about this set is how easy it is to use – apply nail polish (colored or clear), apply your chosen nail art, wait until it sets, and apply a final clear coat (at this point I no longer have to worry about dealing with glues!).

I think this 3D art set is fantastic and I think you should check it out!