Just A Little Aid

img_5278We all have something annoying that we have to deal with – in my case, it is my hair. In fact, I have a love/hate relationship with it. When I get my hair done, I love it, but the process into getting it to look great is a nightmare; it encompasses 1000000 styling products and a variety of styling tricks.

My hair is very wavy, processed, frizzy, SUPER DRY, and tends to get split ends. The combination of these is a nightmare, as sadly, no one product address all of these. Out of all, I think that my #1 struggle is hair dryness, which is the culprit for frizz. As a result, I use a multitude of hair masks, treatments, oils, shampoos, conditioners, you name it (from the most expensive salon brands, to pharmacy brands). A thing that I noticed is that a lot of these products don’t work, and the ones that do, stop working after a while (I’m guessing that the hair gets used to it).

As a result, I figured that apart from investing in a multitude of hair products, there must be other solutions to aid in my hair’s health.

Some of the most fantastic solutions for my hair include:

1- Installing a water filter in the shower (it gets rid of all the junk in the water, aiding the health of my hair).

2- Get rid of processed store-bough oil treatments and make your own one at home using natural oils.

3- Buy yourself a silk pillow case (aids in hair moisture and prevents breakage).

4- Get yourself a microfiber hair towel.

Changing my towel routine was my most recent option. I learned that typical towers rub against the hair shaft, which promotes more dryness and frizz, that’s when I got a hold of AuroTrends microfiber hair turban towels, and I have noticed great changes in the texture of my hair.

img_5249I like that these towels are super absorbent. According to the manufacturer, these are made woven from ultrafine microfibers with ultra wicking technology, absorbing 80% of water of your hair. I also like that it is very light weight, don’t retain hair product odors, and it also dries quickly after use.

Apart from the nature of the towels, these have helped greatly with my hair. For example, since it sucks out 80% of moisture, my hair is at the perfect humidity level to dry with heating tools. At this point, my hair is wet enough for the heating tools to shape nicely. At the same time, having 20% moisture allows my heating tools to work faster, meaning that using less heat promotes healthier hair and more moisture. At the same time, the materials in the towel also sucks out water without affecting the hair shaft, which has also helped tremendously with frizz; compared to a normal towel, I have truly noticed a great difference.

I think this towel set is fantastic, and I think you should check it out: