The No BS Utensils

New year, new stuff for my kitchen. If you have been following my blog for a while, you may recall my crazy obsession with kitchen utensils.

When I was in college, I was obsessed with eating healthy at home (sorry, I meant dorm). This meant that I had to juggle a low budget, healthy meals, and the right cooking utensils. The thing with cooking utensils is that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean great quality. One of my pans was so mediocre that I ended up eating surface residue (thinking it was burned bits of my food). After that day, I grew extra paranoid, and I over-research the things I use/buy.

Back to the beginning, it’s a new year, and in my new year bucket list is remodeling my kitchen and getting a hold of great cooking utensils. Of course, I have a list of potential requirements: stylish (helps my kitchen look modern), sturdy (please don’t break as I flip a pancake), and heat resistant (I don’t know why I keep melting my cooking utensils).

I came across a number of utensils that fulfilled this criteria, but went ahead and got a hold of R&S cooking utensils (due to its super affordable price of $23.99!). The set brings a total of 6 utensils, including skimmer, ladle, spaghetti server, slotted spatula, serving spoon, and slotted spoon.

Per my list request, I liked that these have a minimalist style, making these look very modern and enhancing the look of my kitchen.

The sturdiness of these was also an important factor. Upon opening the box, I started applying pressure against every single one of them, and no of them broke and are still as intact. This may sound silly, but it was truly a pleasantly surprised as many utensils in this price range can break with minimal force.

One of the things that caught my attention about this set is the manufacturer’s claim that these can survive 415F heat. I thought this was amazing as I’m really tired of melting my utensils. I wanted to play around with this and I decided that I wanted to experiment. Of course, I was putting my utensils at a risk as playing around with the temperature could potentially ruin them, and at that point, I wouldn’t even be able to return theses.

Anyhow, I decided to light up a candle and play around with my spoons. Do keep in mind that candle flames can go beyond 415F. I put if the first spoon close to the candle flame and there was absolutely no marks. I then placed it on the flame directly and there was also no signs of fire! Then, I went ahead and left it for few seconds, and this time it left a vapor-like mark. I then wiped the mark away and it was completely gone, meaning that the spoon still looked as new! After this, I decided to name it “the no BS utensils.” This may be extremely lame to you, but I was genuinely impressed.

Overall, I think these utensils are fantastic, and I think you should check them out!