The Backup

img_4860I will be brutally honest: I hate driving.

I personally don’t find fascination in dealing with people who can’t use a directional for their life’s sake, having a find a parking spot (don’t even mention parallel parking), and the overall process of backing out of a parking spot, etc.

I think that my great dislike to driving surfaces from a multitude of reasons, including that I feel as if I don’t have control of my surroundings. In between crazy transit and blind spots, it can be very overwhelming.

I can’t simply quit driving, and services like Uber can seriously cost load of money. For example, 4 trips that I take with Uber cost the equivalent of 1.5 week of gasoline in my car (this doesn’t include the money I spend tipping); as a result, I decided that I needed new ways to figure out how to make my driving ordeal easier, or at least enjoyable.

I decided that little changes like adding a rear view camera to my car could be a great asset. For this reason, I got a hold of Aokur Car Backup Camera.

img_4859Aokur brings a monitor and a backup camera to be placed to the back of the car. The monitor measures 4.3 inches. The camera has LED lights with up to 8 different brightness levels, which aids with night vision. When you back out with your car, the camera also works automatically. The camera also allows a 170 degrees view, which is great for blind spots and reversing the car (some of my greatest fears).

Aokur was designed to consume very little power. It has an image resolution of 480 x 272 and supports 12v power systems. The camera also has come cool (and even very necessary) features; for example, it is waterproof and it has a one-wire connection, meaning that a one cable connection makes everything simpler to install and manage.

Some additional specs listed below:

  • 656 x 492 pixels
  • 430 TV line resolution
  • Power supply DC 12V
  • Housing ABS

Overall, I think it is a fantastic find and I think you should check it out!