Major Nail-Over

New year, new saving strategies. I’m always at par with latest beauty trends, but since the economy doesn’t always scream “happy,” I had to figure out a few tricks so keep my budget on track. There’s nothing better than getting my nails done at the salon… I simply don’t have to worry about doing them!Continue reading “Major Nail-Over”

Little Italy In My Kitchen

You may recall a blog post where I discussed my crazy obsession with olive oil. I love the scent, its great benefits for your health (weight management, lower cholesterol, and improved cardiovascular function), hair and skin (for natural and effective moisture), and how amazingly tasty it can be. I also addressed that many supermarket brandsContinue reading “Little Italy In My Kitchen”

Just A Little Aid

We all have something annoying that we have to deal with – in my case, it is my hair. In fact, I have a love/hate relationship with it. When I get my hair done, I love it, but the process into getting it to look great is a nightmare; it encompasses 1000000 styling products andContinue reading “Just A Little Aid”