Pearling The Whites

img_4768A new secret about me: I’m obsessed with my teeth…

And when I say obsessed, I mean brushing them 3 times in a row if they don’t feel “clean enough” or if my breath doesn’t feel fresh enough.

Obviously, there are many factors that affect the quality of your teeth-cleaning routine – from the toothpaste brand, your personal hygiene pattern, the type of tools you use, and even your health!

I’ve been very “pro manual toothbrush” because I felt that the need of an electric toothbrush was a HUGE gimmick for lazy people… Neither did I think that my tooth needed 1000 strokes per second to be cleaned… an on top of everything, your average “good quality” electric toothbrush averages $80+.

I have a master of science degree… yes I consider myself a scientist. I’m constantly doing research, comparing data, and figuring out the best solution to whatever crosses my way… (it could be something as simple as choosing the best shampoo brand).

After finding myself brushing my teeth multiple times in a row, my common sense started ringing: it simply doesn’t make sense for me to have to brush 2-3 times in one shot to achieve clean; that was the moment I decided to do some research on electric toothbrushes. Some of the information that caught my attention the most include faster and precise brushing, deeper penetration, and deeper access to bacteria.

Now, my questions was – do I really need to pay a load of money for an electric toothbrush?

I went online and browsed through some electric toothbrushes on the affordable list, that’s when I got a hold of O Style electric toothbrush, and I must say that I’m very satisfied.

The price tag on this electric toothbrush was $29.99

img_4767The toothbrush brings one head with two replacement (at total of 3, which I think was really cool).

The manufacturer claims that the toothbrush can give up to 37,000 strokes per minute, which was one of the factors that caught my attention the most (considering that I was brushing my teeth 3 times in one seating). The fast strokes also allows the removal of x10 more plaque than brushing with a manual toothbrush.

The toothbrush battery is powerful for the price, meaning that it can work for up to 28 days without needing a recharge.

It also has three brushing modes, and a multitude of settings such as auto brushing and timer.

As you may imagine, it has all the basic electric toothbrush features such as battery charging indicator.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the quality of this electric toothbrush. The fast and multiple brushing strokes really cleans deep and smooth. The motions feel “just okay,” so it doesn’t feel abrasive in my mouth. And as you may imagine, I no longer have to brush 3-times in a row to achieve the results of a one-time brushing.

One interesting thing that I noticed while using this toothbrush is that I’m also able to brush my tongue more throughout without immediate gagging reflexes. Before using this toothbrush, I had to adopt a bunch of strategies to brush my tongue as throughout as possible… and yes, I already tried a tongue scraper and I hated it.

For the price, I think this is a fantastic find. It provides a very throughout cleaning (compared to a manual toothbrush alone) and the price point is super affordable.

Check it out!




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