USB Madness


I remember when I had my first iPhone (iPhone 4) – I was fascinated with the wonders of technology and how a single gadget could perform a multitude of tasks. If you can recall the earlier iPhone releases, you may remember that a model with 16gb was considered more than enough to store information and to perform usual navigation.

As the years passed by, we had increased accessibility to diverse apps, iPhone features, optimal software updates, etc. making the increased number of GB’s a NECESSITY. Today, 16GB isn’t enough… In fact, I’m not a heavy user, and even so, my current 64GB iPhone can sometimes be a little lacking.

In this case, there are very few effective solutions. You can either upgrade you iPhone for a higher GB, which is brutally expensive, or you can limit your iPhone usage. But let’s be honest: After paying big bucks for your iPhone, you certainly want all it has to offer… that’s when smart solutions come in. As always, I did my mini-research and got a hold of Adam Select iKlips 32GB USB flash drive and I’m super happy.


I love that this allows you to share data between any iOS and PC device such as iPhones (5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, SE, 7), iPads (4, mini, mini 2, Air, mini 3, Air 2, mini 4), iPod touch (5th), iOS 8 or above, macOS, and any pc with windows XP/7/8/10. So in simple terms, the combinations are infinite!

Another thing that I love is the fact that this allows me to use extra GB’s of data for a much lower price, instead than having to pay extra for iCloud or upgrading my iPhone to extra GB’s (which can be very expensive).

iKlips isn’t only a flash drive, but also a media player, allowing you to transfer multiple file formats. You can also record 4K videos and take pictures with the iKlips app and store it directly in it, meaning that it doesn’t take extra space in your iPhone.  And on top of everything, it is also Touch ID enabled, meaning that you can keep your files private and safe.

I love how this brings a great solution to the iPhone storage issue without having to spend too much money or take up any additional space.

Check it out!