Just A Little Coffee


Christmas is in less than two weeks, and I already anticipate a very full house. We will be a total of 10 people coming over, and we are ALL coffee drinkers. The interesting (and probably obvious thing) about us is that although we are all coffee drinkers, we are very diverse in the way we drink our coffee. For example, two of us only drink decaffeinated coffee because caffeine affects us terribly (I’m talking about palpitations, migraines, tremors, vomiting). Another bunch prefer very caffeinated coffee to make it through the day, while the remaining prefer a sweet cappuccino or a nice latte.

When you’re hosting for the holidays, you certainly want to make sure your guest are happy. The holidays are also overwhelming, so I needed to figure out a way to make all these variety of coffees without losing my mind for once and all. It turns out that there is a very viable and simple solution for my coffee madness, and that’s when I came across and got a hold of Gourmia Automatic Coffee Machine.


This coffee machine is so perfect that it feels as if it was custom made for me to survive the holidays. With it, I can brew coffee, make cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, espressos,  and froth milk – you name it.

And due to the variety, I would dare to say that there are a bunch of other interesting and innovative things that can be made with this machine apart from coffee: for example, milk tea. (Honestly, this isn’t my favorite, but I’m sure many of you out there will love it!

What I love the most about it is how easy it is to set up. All I had to do was fill out the back with whatever amount of water I needed. Then, determine whether I want to froth milk or not, and if I do, simply pour milk on the side. I then insert coffee capsule (it’s compatible with Nespresso), and finally, press a single button and I’m good to go (this is actually my favorite part! all I have to do is a press a single button!).

By the way, I’m sure there are many of you out there that prefer to stay away from animal products, or that are simply lactose intolerant (like me!). It turns out that you can also froth almond milk or soy milk.


This usually fits a single serving, but you can remove the bottom base to accommodate larger cups; and therefore, be able to make a larger serving for others.

Another one of my concerns, especially when using complex machines is that they will be hard to keep clean. I can happily say that because of the way it is structured, it is very easy to clean – all you have to do is remove the containers and wash, just as you would do with any regular coffee machine.

I’m aware that there are some generic “kcups” that can be used with these types of machines. I have honestly not tried them yet with this one, and I certainly want to, so I will go ahead and later update you guys on whether it is effective or not!

Overall, I think this was a fantastic find, and I think you should check it out!