I Smell Olives


Today I’m coming to you with one of my greatest obsessions: olive oil. I use olive oil in all my foods, salads, and I even to cook. On top of all, it makes a wonderful hot oil hair mask and even a facial moisturizer when the cold weather staves your face dry. Apart from all of theses, there are so many fantastic benefits to olive oil such as weight management, lower cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, and much more!

The sad reality is that not all olive oils are as great as they claim. For example, many olive oils at your local super markets or grocery stores are packed with a bunch of chemicals. Many other brands actually sell counterfeit oils made with grains and nuts like hazelnut. And many others are not even close to being “virgin” although the manufacturer claims otherwise. As simple this may sound, this is terrible, as people with allergies to some nuts or grains are exposed to their allergens. On top of that, if you are looking to start living a healthy lifestyle, you could potentially be defying the purpose.

I’ve spent a lot of money throughout the years trying a multitude of olive oil brands and qualities. One thing that I learned throughout my mini oil-tasting journey is that Spain is the largest olive oil producer, instead of Italy. For that reason, I started exploring olive oil brands exported from Spain, with one of my favorites being Gourmet Lifestyle Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.


There are so many things I love about this olive oil. The scent is fantastic, strong, and deep – it truly smells like olive oil is supposed to smell.

Fun fact: a quick way to figure out if you have genuine olive oil is to smell it straight from the bottle. Open it up and breathe in deeply, if you feel a little bit of itchiness at the tip of your nose or deep in your nostrils – it is genuine olive oil.

Apart from the fantastic scent of this olive oil, the taste is sensational, deep, and simply addicting. If you appreciate the nature of genuine olive oil, you’ll be static. It is so good that I constantly dip it in bread alone, meaning that I almost always end up eating a load… yes, I’m having serious self-control issues. This is exciting because your typical supermarket brand would taste extremely gross with bread, especially considering that most of these oils are not genuine olive oil.

This particular oil is made in Penedes, Spain with Arbequina olive, which is low in bitterness. It is also cold pressed, and as you may have noticed from the title, it is extra virgin.

This is by far the best olive oil bottle I’ve come across so far in my mini olive-tasting journey, and I think you should check it out!