Just A Little Coffee

Christmas is in less than two weeks, and I already anticipate a very full house. We will be a total of 10 people coming over, and we are ALL coffee drinkers. The interesting (and probably obvious thing) about us is that although we are all coffee drinkers, we are very diverse in the way weContinue reading “Just A Little Coffee”

USB Madness

I remember when I had my first iPhone (iPhone 4) – I was fascinated with the wonders of technology and how a single gadget could perform a multitude of tasks. If you can recall the earlier iPhone releases, you may remember that a model with 16gb was considered more than enough to store information andContinue reading “USB Madness”

Hair Madness

This week I’m totally focusing on my hair. Although I’ve done a great job growing it long (with diet, vitamins, hair masks, less chemicals, etc.) I still struggle with a few things, such as frizz, dryness, and bleakness (you see the relationship here?). This week I invested in purchasing new styling tools to aid inContinue reading “Hair Madness”