Smoothing It Out


It takes me a lot of have a “good hair day.” My hair is very wild and very dry, so in between the split ends and the frizzies I have quite a difficult time looking like a decent human being (it is possible, but it is hard).

I have to use 5+ products to style my hair, and it is hard to find the right balance before my hair ends up looking too heavy on products or too oily.

I have also tried expensive hair products to control the madness. For example, the MoroccanOil line was fantastic when I first started using it, but after a while, the products were too heavy on my hair, my hair also started getting drier, and the ends would turn into unmanageable knots… it was a cycle of making my hair better by making it worse.

Then, I decided to use a lower end brand, which as of now, is doing its job… but even so, after a while, I still deal with the unmanageable ends and the frizzies.

I always try to be careful with styling tools, as I understand that these can make the dryness and the frizz worse with time. So after a while, I did research, and I learned that there are styling tools that can actually help this problem without burning or damaging my hair. I decided to stay on the budget friendly line (I spent hundreds of dollars this years on hair products) so I went ahead and got a hold of Sminiker Showliss Ionic Flat Iron.


I tried many “ceramic” straighteners of this type, but what makes Showliss so different from these is that the straightener works exactly as it claims (for example, not long ago my “ceramic” straightener peeled off into some metal-looking I don’t know what). And when it comes to the price point, $16 can’t beat it.

The straightener has a multitude of different technologies that makes it work so well. For example, it has Far Infrared heat, meaning that instead of burning the hair, the heat softens it and seals hair cuticles, heating the hair from within, without drying the hair and giving you shiny, silky, static-free, and manageable hair.

The straightener also has negative ions, meaning that the ceramic plates conditions the hair and provide extra silk and frizz protection.

The straightener has additional features, such as ceramic plates that allow equal distribution of heat and maintains accurate temperature; automatic safety mode, meaning that it has a 60 minute automatic sleep mode system; and flexible plates that suspend on a flexible membrane, allowing smooth and easy sliding, without tugging or breaking the hair.


My experience with this straightener has been superb. The heat is hot and to the point, but it doesn’t burn my hair. The frizz is now minimal (with use of very little product) and my ends no longer look burned.

I have been very pleased with this straightener, and I think you should check it out!