The Frost

Thanksgiving is in two days and it’s already freezing… and as the days pass by, I can only foresee how brutal this coming winter will be.

As a child, I loved snow and all it’s perks, which included no school, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and playing around all day. As an adult, the role twisted, as I’m not confronted by piles of heavy snow, but also the cleaning of a frozen and buried car. So yes, today as an adult I can officially say that I truly, deeply, and genuinely HATE SNOW… it’s really funny how times and feelings can change, right?

As I keep thinking of the inevitable (freezing temperatures and snow), I figured that I needed to do something to make my life easier, that’s when I went and got a hold of Big Hippo thickened windshield cover.

Where do I start????

The material is FANTASTIC. Super sturdy, super well-made, heavy enough to provide superior protection, but so light you can carry it around anywhere.

The cover measures 62.99″x43.30,” meaning that I was able to fit it both on my van and sports car. Putting this on your car is also very easy; it literally took me less than a minute- simply place the cover on your windshield, open the car’s door, lock the end of the shield to the inside of the door, do the same on the opposite side of the car, lift up and wipers and place them on the cover, and you’re good to go.

The are many things I like about this simple cover, including its great versatility. The material aids in limiting the transposing of the cold (as it protects the windshield from getting the snow trapped on it) meaning that your butt will be less frozen in the morning. The material isn’t only a true repellent, but it also protects from UV rays transposing during the summer. This is especially great when parking the car in very hot/sunny areas during the summer, as it will help my car staying much cooler during the season. The made and the sturdiness of the material also allows it to be used for other activities (without the damage) such as a picnic sheet, sleeping pad, baby pad, and even pet sitting pad.

Did I forget to mention that it comes with a very comfortable and sturdy storage bag, along with a strong ice scraper!!?

I think this is a fantastic find and I genuinely have nothing negative or any downsides to say about it.

You should check it out!