Working 60 hours a week, with the majority of the time facing a computer can be a pain in the ass… and in the neck too.

I’m pretty young, and with my youth comes the hope that it will go away eventually or that youth will cure it all, but sometimes that is not the case.

I already tried a bunch of potential solutions. A very low pillow hurts the bottom of my neck. A very high pillow hurts my neck and hurts my back. A no pillow makes me feel a pain as if I were being staved by needles (not fun). I also tried the daily ibuprofen, and honestly, daily ibuprofen for such a long time won’t serve me no good. And my doctor… he’s an interesting one… as long you don’t break a leg or aren’t bleeding, “you’re fine.”

Maybe a new doctor will serve me well, but in the meanwhile I’m seeking new and super effective solutions for my painful neck and discomfort.

I already tried purchasing a bunch of different pillows that aim helping with posture, but at the end of the day, they were just pillows (nothing special). As I continued browsing for a perfect match, I came across Angel Qi Folding Wedge Pillow, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Something that was very different about this pillow is that it folds and also detaches. As you can see on the picture below, all you have to do is unzip both parts (or fold them) and you’re good to go. I think this is fantastic as this allows you to customize the pillow according to your needs. Sometimes I use them both folded, others times I unfold them and lay on both parts, and other days I use the thicker side on my back and the thinner side to rest my feet. When in bed, sometimes I even use on my thighs as a base for my laptop, making it easy for me to see the screen without having to bend my neck. I think that the versatility is fantastic and I like the unlimited comfort options that it allows.

Talking about positioning, I like that the ability to customize it allows people to lay according to their personal or health needs. For example, this pillow can easily help with heartburn, neck pain, back pain, acid reflux, and other related conditions.

Angel Qi measures 7.8 inch x 20 inch x 12 inch when folded, and 7.5 inch x 23.6 inch x 20 inch when unfolded. The pillow is made of foam and terry cloth, allowing to support the head and chest in upright position. Apart from the medical conditions mentioned above, it also aids in the digestion process and even prevents neonatal vomiting. The pillow is also safe to use with children.

My overall experience has been great. The declining structure when unfolded provides great neck support without overdoing it with the stiffness and height. Due to the support, my neck feels rested in the morning, so I deal with less pain throughout the day. I anticipate that a long-time use of this pillow could be the solution I was aiming for.

Overall, it’s a great find and I think you should check it out:



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