Just A Little Something

It’s traveling season!

The holidays are around the corner. After my recent plane flights, and anticipating an upcoming one in only weeks (hello people, Thanksgiving!) I knew that there are a few things that I needed to do to my my flights less painful.

See, I love traveling, I love planes, trains, and the vibes of the commute. However, things like vertigo, sore legs, and a stiff neck are a big no. In between the new ginger Dramamine (which has worked wonders and gives me ZERO drowsiness) and more comfortable boots, I knew that I needed something to make my neck situation more bearable.

As always, I did my mini research and came across Big Ant memory foam traveling and office pillow (and it has been the best decision ever!!).

Th first thing that I obviously loved about it is the fact that it is way under $15 dollars (I need so save money for holiday shopping).

This pillow is made of premium memory foam that is ergonomically designed with 3D molding, meaning that it adapts to my neck providing comfort and support. The pillow even maintains my neck’s natural temperature, so I don’t have to worry about an overly hot or overly cold pillow.

Big Ant’s memory foam material is also breathable, which doesn’t heat up, discouraging the growth of odors and bacteria. The cover is also removable, machine washable, and doesn’t peel off.

Apart from it’s traveling benefits, the pillow relieves pressure and reduces tiredness, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates muscle tension, and promotes a healthy posture, aligning the spine.

Final verdict: I love it.

I attest that it is super comfortable. For example, my neck feels heavy and tired wearing the lightest scarf, so I was afraid that this pillow would feel heavy on my neck. Thankfully, it provided great comfort I stead of heaviness. Also, my posture felt more aligned and relaxed. I also love that it actually didn’t get too hot or too cold. And did I mention that it brings a free cleaning cloth??

Check it out!