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img_3964I’m an Apple junkie. Although I’ve been disappointed with the recent iPhone models 7/8/X, I still appreciate the science and the beauty behind the iPhone, and neither do I plan on switching to another brand anytime in the future.

With the iPhone comes amazing benefits and breath-taking features, but also great annoyances, such as the USB charging cables. All iPhone users constantly joke and complain about the quality of the original or OEM iPhone cable as the durability is worse than worse.

In the market, there are a multitude of brands offering generic alternative for users, and in my personal experiences, ALL THESE CABLES SUCK TOO! They won’t connect to iTunes, or iTunes won’t recognize them as valid cables, or they’ll take forever to charge the iPhone, or heat up and get caught on fire (yes super scary experience). or have worse durability than the original iPhone chargers (many times, they go bad within hours of use)… I could go on and on, but you get the point.

After trying all these fiascos, I decided that my favorite types of iPhone chargers are the braided ones, but even so, it is hard to find a quality one. As a result, I did a mini experiment and decided to buy a bunch of random ones from Amazon and eBay, and although I’m half-way through my experiment, I wanted to share my favorite one so far: Aimus Lightning USB Cable.

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The first thing I loved about this cable is that it still works after a week of use! This may sound “basic” but this is so important, because as I mentioned, many of my recently purchases cables have broken after few hours of use. This cable is 6ft long, meaning that I can use my iPhone comfortable while charging, without having to adopt a weird position or flip my arms uncomfortably (especially when laying in bed at night!).

The cable is braided with premium aluminum alloy housing and nylon + cotton, which adds premium durability (reason why it is still not broken). Normally, braided iPhone chargers are 3.5mm in diameter, but Aimus is 4.0mm in diameter, which adds even more protection. The cable actually chargers pretty fast compared to your average iPhone charger, and I’m able to sync data through iTunes without a problem. According to the manufacturer, the cable chargers at 5v 2.4a maximum, and up to 100w, which is a safe charging strength. And before I forget, it comes with a cute pouch to store your cable!

Don’t forget to check it out!

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